Black Poetry : A Blak Tie Affair (You Neva Thought It Would Be Like This)


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Mar 19, 2001

you have been invited to a blak tie affair
please repondez s' il vous plait

Remember: Bring your own BEG

cause i'll be eating tonight /

bring you / in a form of
expectation anticipation and
forthcumming celebration
for this holiday you will
create / a release day for your
salutations of greeting me
in a shudder encoded message /
we'll call this day "FAINTASIA"


I'm glad you could make it welcome
to this blak tie affair where
life will be a crystal stair
and you will stare into the heart
of a crystal ball and see the origins
of an "Ooooooooooh" you haven't
even proclaimed yet / lay~~~~~~~~here

and listen to me in third person
as if I don't know myself~~~~~~~~~~~~

/he undressed her / the dexterity of
his teeth impressed her / told her to
lay down in the state God introduced
her / to the world / he tied her hands &
feet to the four posts with blak silk
torn from her dress left just two days
ago / to dry //////////it was soaked from
the rain of a cumversation she and he had
regarding her State of affairs / self-pleasing
herself behind nightfall / so he made his
hips fall that night / he made incisions
with cotton collisions connecting his
pelvic bone to hers to "Anytime,Anyplace"/
rhythmically gifted was he teaching her dance
steps she only thought existed on the tip
of a romantics tongue / her body was sprung
restrained from clutching the back of man blak
and drawing her name on his chocolate sands
he blew her mind across the room when he
blew on her tremor measured body shaking
9.9 on the hiptohers scale / he embedded
buds in her / as he tasted her / and what was born
of her? a smiling moan from epidermis to bone
that called him daddy / as minor and major
gave him a hug of sweetness and he tattooed
his memory with her flavor /

you lay relaxed body surface dispersed and
rising like canibus smoke and I get high
inhaling 'til you don't ride the air
anymore and we become one..................

thank you for coming to this blak tie affair.
Ride safely.

(c)2001 blakverb


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