Brother AACOOLDRE : A Blackman's 9-11 in slow motion

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    By Andre Austin

    The decline & fall of the Black community
    When black kills black and evil forces give it impunity
    Dope dealers traffic in their trade with diplomatic immunity
    The rest are near like slaves working for our graves in unity
    The young men are unaware that the tides turn against a second opportunity

    Whats the cause and whats the effect
    They looking for a reason not to hire
    Fear of the blackman’s offspring he could sire

    The Ghetto is living in a wreck
    The government solutions they are all just nauseating scams
    They just helping middle class blacks through our poverty programs
    The system is a fix and its just broken
    You fool me not with a front of a few poor black tokens
    Now read the effect of an inner city weekend prize
    Where many young men will never see the sunrise

    Add it up blackman add it up
    Add it up blackman add it up

    Read the balance sheets
    I’m no longer talking about Klan sheets
    I could fill up an encyclopedia of poetry of Police killing us in the streets
    Every quarterly cycle we have 3 thousand black male homicides
    How long, how long must we replicate these spears in the side
    Its just a black 9-11 in slow motion
    We need a magic goddess to sprinkle the city with a love potion
    Each and everyday in the USA, a black soul we slay
    Maybe some love could find serenity a way
    The ancient playwright Aristophanes tried in his day
    A call for peace or else no sex from the females was his play (From the play Lysistrata)
    In bed do you wanna have fun
    Then you must give up the other steel gun
    But the gun made out of flesh can stay
    Its more impotent to replicate a generation for another day
    For there’s no tree to tall that can’t be cut down in the pen
    A rooster coock can be slick and can get caught in the hen
    Because prison is just a penal colony, penalizing penitentiary of the black penis
    And What if all the Ghetto girls told their boyfriend this:
    “We bone no more
    Until we have a cease-fire and make no war”
    It’s the bullet or the sex
    Nostradamus couldn’t predict what would happen next
    It’s a dream world of peace a utopia that would be fine
    Where is our remedy or a love potion number nine
    Waking up from the dream after another alley commotion
    Wait for tonight to dream up another silly but serious notion
    Until then all the black 9-11’s just roll on in slow motion