Black Poetry : A Black Woman's Poem To Her Right Breast

I feel ya' sis'.... again here is yet another scenario in which society & media place stigmas & stereotypes out there that conjure up myths and beliefs about our bodies, and how they must be one certain way or another in order to be considered beautiful or 'whole'.

We definitely need to support one anotha!! Especially women with whom we know are going through this serious illness and major surgery.


I know that you couldn't be more correct in your statement, and I do know that I feel it to be true that one's faith is what can carry them through... not only in dealing with this type of illness, but with others as well.

Thank you for your response to this piece.

Always :heart: sistah friend.


I appreciate your response, and would only like to submit to you that while no female suffering from breast cancer would want to have her breast removed in many many cases it is the only choice that they may have... and trust that the decision must be a very hard one to make, in some cases for some women, that decision may not be as difficult -- if it means the difference between life & death due to the progression or spread of cancer... etc.

Thank you for your response & I'm glad that this piece has been able to add an element of discussion surrounding this 'all-to-real' issue.


Isn't it amazing how we all seem so removed from the things that don't necessarily affect us in a personal way until someone close to us or even ourselves have been directly affected by something tragic!! The realness then comes full circle and you get a crash course in many topics & issues that way, but nonetheless we all learn something new every single day... :)

Thank you for the read... and like you ... this one here is personal for me too -- as my mother suffered from breast cancer that went into remission for seven years and then came back in her bones.... she finally passed in 95' with level 5 carcenoma that had spread throughout her bones ... it is still hard to deal with even now!

Thank you for reading & for your response!



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