Black Women : A black woman's experience and the failed U.S. healthcare system


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Nov 7, 2020
This is my personal account on my mistrust in the U.S. Healthcare system...please bare with me while I vent.

I few years ago I lost my mother to a "brain aneurysm", which my father and me believe was the negligence of the doctors involved leading up to her death.

My father rushed my mom to the hospital after complaining of an extreme after two days that it worsened.

At the hospital, she cried in agony and we were told, after her MRI, her brain was bleeding. The nurse gave her vitamin K and administered pain med. 5 minutes later, I witnessed my mother go into cardiac arrest and was told 20 minutes later that she had passed.

Before this, my mom had cancer. She received chemo. After surgery and being on that vile drug, the doctors said she was cancer-free. However she still had port that the chemo was administered through. She asked for it to be removed but was told it would cost her $25 K to be removed, because she didn't have insurance to cover it. She wrote the hospital over and over to ask for assistance. No one responded. While she had the port she had to take a blood thinner. The blood thinner caused the brain aneurysm...and the rest is history.

Two years later, my husband and I were to have our first child together, a boy. All was fine until one day, I started to experience extreme pain and my husband rushed me to the emergency room where I waited to see a doctor for 3 hours (that's a short time) at 4 AM. All the doctor did was draw a diagram on printer paper with a pencil and drew a picture of a uterus and ovaries and said I was experiencing "round ligament pain" and to go home and take Tylenol. That picture cost $700.

I went to the doctor's in the morning and was told the same thing.

Not even two weeks later, I experienced the same pain again. It was so bad I could not walk and this time I started to bleed at the hospital. The doctor came in and said I was going into labor and that I was going to lose the baby. At 20 weeks we lost our son. But 2 weeks later, I was back because they left placenta inside and it caused me to bleed a lot! There's a medical term for all of this.

And then I was told I lost the baby due to uterine fibroid. Turns out that was a lie as well. And that it was due to a minor surgery that I had when I was 22...which those doctors said I would not experiencing any birth complications. LIES all Lies.

Two years ago I gave birth to my daughter and that was hard. I almost died giving birth. And was then told the real reason for my complications. And I cannot have another baby without dire consequences. Told by a black female doctor who did the surgery.

Anyways, thanks for listening to my rant.

But I do not trust doctors. Black women in this country are continually failed by a health system that is supposed to look out for their well-being and we are not.

I was fortunate, but not. And many of our black women are not. I wish and pray we get our own hospitals.

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