Black Poetry : A BLACK SOUL SISTA a queen with class And she dream fast Lipstick gleam or flash like a twinkle of fame No wrinkle in her game As she strut round but

They listen to an exact beat
That’s how he attract a sweet
She have on bra, panties and
A mini skirt plenty work for a boy
Before she just twerk and toy
With his mind now it’s time to enjoy
Some sex, she didn’t do her homework.
A hidden phone under her skirt
It’s a pathetic race.
And like cosmetic paste
She use it on her face.
Have a fast phat plan.
Wear shoes forget the flip flops.
SHE SAID: they’re drip drops.
In her panties boy wanna grip her hot
Butt, kiss her lips sweet then leap.
Between her thighs
Right into the cream pies
She yells ouch! Take it out.
Think she have to pee she shout.
Aw girl this some good stuff.
She don’t know what to say he huff.
And puff throwing gravy.
And really be going crazy.
And really be going crazy
Oh she moan and groan
Started to say stuff strong
Like: oh a control tower
With some bold power
After this take a cold shower
And become a lean queen.
Oh, on the beach cake tonight.
So, he reaches for great height.
Her belt is a strip of leather.
She walks her lips are clever.
Oh, a dessert with cream and eggs.


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