The Police : A Black Site in Chicago? Police Accused of Running Secret Compound for Detentions & Interrogations

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    Democracy Now - "An explosive new report in The Guardian claims the Chicago police
    are operating a secret compound for detentions and interrogations, often with abusive
    methods. According to The Guardian, detainees as young as 15 years old have been taken
    to a nondescript warehouse known as Homan Square. Some are calling it the domestic
    equivalent of a CIA "black site" overseas. Prisoners were denied access to their attorneys,
    beaten and held for up to 24 hours without any official record of their detention. Two
    former senior officials in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice are calling
    on their colleagues to launch a probe into allegations of excessive use of force, denial of
    right to counsel and coercive interrogations. We speak to Spencer Ackerman, national
    security editor at The Guardian. We are also joined by Victoria Suter, who was held at
    Homan Square after being arrested at the NATO protests in Chicago in 2012."