Chief Elder Osiris : A Black Nationalist Garveyite Objective Analysis Of Don Imus Statement

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    A Black Nationalist Garveyite Objective Analysis Of Don Imus Statement

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    First of all allow me to reiterate that Al Sharpton and the Aristocracy of the Civil Rights Organizations do no voice my sentiments toward america nor my desires in america, now with that said, I will give a Black Nationalist Garveyite analysis of the Don Imus Statement objectively, without the irrational emotional buffoonery as we have received so far concerning the Don Imus controversy.

    Racism--- This is a attitude and behavior acted out by the wealthy toward those of color and colorless who are without wealth, to be exploited for the greater good of the wealthy, they who hold themselves up to be superior over those of color and is colorless and have not the means to provide for their lives, a Divine Living, meaning a life living that is in Harmony Order and Balance, implying a life experiencing Freedom, Peace and Joy, with the wealthy being more focus on the Colorless people to exploit and of whom their prejudice is unjustified but yet is practiced against the colorless which is referred to as Black People.

    Unjustified Prejudice---Such is an established opinion and judgment of a group of people of a difference pigment from the wealthy whose pigment is of a lighter appearance than is that of people of color and the colorless, with a specific attention and behavioral expression toward those people of color and primarily those people with a pigment that is with a lack of color, which we refer to as Black people and it be those people that have been judged to be inferior to the lighter people referring to themselves as White and/or Caucasian, making such an inference to be unjustified and such judgment is based on the phenotype of the people of the colorless pigment which resemble the Darkness we refer to as the perfect Night, which is the shadow of the Eternal Infinite Essence of all things.

    Now, let me say that the Al Sharptons of the Black World are those that set themselves up knowingly to be exploited by the wealthy Racist and Unjustified Prejudice White, Arab, and Jewish People ( oppressors of Black People ) of the World, all because it will give the Al Sharptons status in the Black World as long as they do the Racist and Unjustified bidding of the Wealthy who exploit black and colored people for their selfish social, economic, religious and political gain, by using Black people whom the wealthy has taught their people that they are superior over Black people by mere fact of the phenotype difference, so Racism and Unjustified Prejudice is exclusively acted out by the wealthy of the oppressors of Black people one being the Caucasian Race, while Unjustified Prejudice is taught to the lower class of White People to be acted out by them toward Black People, which bring me to my point of analysis of why and what caused Don Imus and Bernie his producer to classify those young Women as they did, namely, Hos and Nappy Head Hos.

    Some Thirty Years a Commission of White People was formed at the President of that Time request, to study the Sociological behavior of america society, whose main groups that will be studied, would be of the Black and White Race and the conclusion of the study came to verify what Black People knew all the time and that is that there are two societies that make up the america society, one Black and the other White, separate unequal and divided they are and such a study was essential to verifying to White people why the difference in attitude and behavior expressed toward each of the Two Groups that make up america Society, the Two Prime Groups in america society, Black and Caucasian.

    Now, since there are two societies in america, one Black and the other is white, then that mean there are two american cultures, one of the natural creation of White america and the other is of the acquired expressed attitude and behavior of Black americans.

    Black america culture is a culmination of various antics of white america expressed behavior toward Black people with Black people putting their own twist to what white america has already established to be the Emotional behavior and physical agility of Black people, so all that Black americans do in the way of expressing ourselves is influenced by white america, meaning in america, Black people have ceased to be self creative in the way we believe we Think and Feel, which is the way we express ourselves, thus it become our Culture expression of what is referred to as Black american.

    Now, here is the facts concerning why Don Imus and Bernie McCord made the statement that they did toward the Rutgers Women Basketball Team, now the statement of identification of those Women coming from Bernie was a different reference that came from Don Imus, Bernie reference of Ho was toward the entire Rutgers Women Team without Specification other than to reference those women, both Black and White, but Don Imus went a step further to separate that team by Race by identifying them as Nappy Head Hos.

    Let me pause for a moment to point out something I think is very significant that will show that part of the description used by Don Imus to Classify the Rutgers Black Women, such as Nappy Head, is also express by america Businesses that sale all of the Chemical and Straightening Combs that are used to change the appearance of Black Women Hair and those Black Women that use those things for purpose to change their Hair quality is in fact agreeing with Don Imus Description, the implication by selling those products used specifically by Black Women is a clear statement about their hair as being the same that Don Imus used in describing Black women Hair, which is that Black Women are Nappy Head, so it is more to what motivated Don Imus to say what he did in describing the Texture of Black Women Hair and every time Black Women used those products to change the quality of their Hair, or shall I say to give a false texture of their Hair then they are referencing to themselves to be as Don Imus has so Referenced them to be, Nappy Head, as they compare their Hair to White People.

    Now, in america Black society, you have what is referred to as an emerged Hip Hop Culture and it is that Culture that Denigrate Black Women, any and every way they so desire and they are allowed a Free pass, up until recently, but it was to late to denounce what you could have denounce at its birth, the Hip Hop culture of Defaming Black Women and the Black self I speak of, where were the Al Sharptons of the america World when such seeds were being planted?

    Now, back to why Bernie and Don Imus said what he did, you know, in the Mind of Black People, it is perfectly alright for Black People to emulate white people but apparently it is not alright for white people to emulate Black People and I can understand why that is and it is because it is white people that influence Black People to do and say the things we do to and about our Black selves in america.

    So, when Black people wake up and discover that they to have generated an influence upon white people to emulate them of the many expressions and attitude and behavior we now express and now white people is playing back our Culture self describing demeaning unjustified prejudices, from which arrived from the expressed unjustified prejudices of white people, then we get bent all out of shape and begin to identified the same self Black behavior as a Racist action when white people do the same in expressing a description of Black people but it really is not a Racist act that Don Imus and Bernie committed, it was an unjustified Prejudice act, this does not mean either is acceptable and should not be, when expressed either by white Folks or Black Folks and all others in between.

    So what you saw of Bernie and Don Imus was two White Men attempting to be expressively Black, because such terminology is that used more commonly toward Black Women by Black Men, so for a moment beloved, you saw yourselves being reflected through the face and behavior of two white men which had nothing to do with Racism but all to do with a prejudice created by white folks, which is clearly unjustified, but among Black People such a behavior is clearly accepted, apparently the Wrong become not in what Don Imus and Bernie Said but the fact that it was two White Men attempting to be funny by emulating a Black accepted Hip Hop Culture.

    So I Think Al Sharpton and the Civil Rights Black Industry is Wrong in exploiting this incident for selfish reasons and Don Imus and Bernie are wrong in expressing a behavior that is common to Black People about Black People, created by White people Unjustified Prejudice of black People

    The Reality is what the Aristorcracy of Black americans refuse to accept but the Divine Black Nationalist garveyite Does and it is pertaining to the Fabric of white america societal environment, which is, it is A Racist america environment full of Unjustified Prejudice toward Black People no matter how they attempt to mask it with their phony expressed Behavior, now i do know that there are exceptions to the Rule, but in this case Black People need to deal with the Realities thatare affecting our black Life in america and every where we Black folks are that is not Afrika..

    Let me close by saying this to you beloved, if by any chance of a mircle would take place in america whereby white america would no longer be as they are toward Black People,my position will not change about Afrika and the Black Afrikan People in term of where it is we must be on this planet and to understand this, you must have a Divine spiritual Concept about god, Universe and our black Selves and i hold True to the statement of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, " Afrika Is for The Afrikans"!!!

    The Divine Truth, Black People Despise The divine Truth, Because It Expose The Hypocrisy in us Black People Concerning Our Black selves.

    Here Is Loving you
    Chief Elder
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