Black Poetry : A Black Man in Love...A Sage And Watz Collabo Thang


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Oct 4, 2003
A black man in love...
is a beautiful thing.
He can make your soul cry,
while forcing your heart to sing
He coyly offers his essence
in everything
No other man can capture
the spirit he can bring.
An Exotic
tiger lily
With petals of all mocha hues
makes me sigh with a breathless rush
How could any sister ever refuse
His determined walk
His poetic talk
His confident way of emoting
When I hear him speak
My entire aura gets weak
To his Nubian universe I am devoting...
An endless river of blissful emotion
into an eternal ocean of devotion.
His demeanor exudes a gentle breeze
that floats into a whirlwind of romance
holding a heart tenderly, yet securely.
Debonair, yes,
by divine creation,
not by happenstance
For a black man in love,
is a beautiful thing.


When a black man is in love
The sun arises as his command
Within his palms are distant lands
The world is at peace & the galaxies breathe
All divine creatures, bow at his feet
A Black Man in Love …
is a beautiful thing
He envisions rings…
Upon dove like wings
Harmonic truth and majesty
Drip down…like
Honey, Sugar Cane, Molasses…
and Cotton Candy Kisses
Twisted within his locks of
cottony, onyx, heritage
…He *G*L*O*W*S* and he knows
He Shines…so…that Orange Moons
are paled by comparison…
Oceans RISE when he breathes
And Love is humbled…when he speaks
Amidst his voice, ebony croons & peaks
Like unsung lyrics…of a Coltrane melody
He's "Sentimental"…like that
For when a Black Man is in Love
He's Fire…He's Ice…
He's Wind…He's Rain
He's DIVINE…and it's a beautiful thing

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