Black Poetry : A Birthday And A Funeral


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Dec 19, 2005
Another birthday dies because of a father’s absence
And the best eulogy is his anthems of apologies
As the names of holidays hitchhike in the rain
And he drives right passed them
He’s only a stranger yet I still ask him
Could he love me passed his selfishness
As memories confiscate me to helpless tears of him not being here
Always dancing to that rhythm of a dead-beat parent
That beats constant through my ethnic background
These majestic black kings of disappointment
Join together in this free country’s movement
Where they walk in a million man march of abandonment
His semen spills into statistical reasons
Of why today, women have to become fathers
And I see young men bleed when, blood is thinner than water
Birthday candles were spent in vain
I repeated his name in nightly prayers
Wondering why the white kids always had theirs
Promises always died in large numbers
As denial is swept under the vast sheet of bad streets
Where another young black man lost his life
And I hear their cries since he’s dead and I heard that the autopsy report read:
Death by lack of a father figure and
I wondered would that be my outcome
A life driven astray by an incomplete family picture
I ventured out into the wilderness of word of mouth
That always talked about how our faces were just alike
Therefore my actions will be the very epitome of his
I’ll grow up to waste time, abuse my women, leave my children while
Being given or sellin’ the very drugs that blackened his salvation
Or be put in the situation where I’ll chance life everyday
As society prays that fatherless sons don’t turn out gay
They say the symptoms of being a fatherless victim is like HIV
I won’t notice the virus until I’m old enough to see
That his blood flows within me, but it pumps a different heart
Different from those men who spread legs across miles
Just to go that distance of enjoyment
Never treasuring the unexpected beauty created in the same moment
Once he made the biggest mistake of his life
That’s when my life became his mistake
But as I looked into my reflection, I never saw an accident in my eyes
I only saw innocence, potential and ambition
And behind that I saw the reflection of the man I was supposed to be
A better man that hopefully I’ll grow to be
As his history always tries lynching my future
But to my many birthdays that died without him
All I can say is Rest In Peace
Because new ones will be replaced once I have my own children
And I’ll be the reincarnation of his love that was never present
Where I’m standing by my son like Jesus stands beside God in heaven
And we’ll blow out those candles together, because you see
They judged me by all the things they knew about him
But they didn’t know that I could become a grown man without him

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