Writing Discussion : "A Bad B . . .." by Sister Souljah


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Nov 16, 2011
"Now a bad ***** is a woman who handles her business without making it seem like business. Only dumb girls let love get them delirious to the point where they let things that really count go undone. For example, you see a good-looking ***** walking down the avenue, you get excited. You get wet just thinking about him. You step to him, size him up, and you think, Looks good. You slide your eyes down to his zipper, check for the print. Inside you scream, Yes, it’s all there! But then you realize he’s not wearing a watch, ain’t carrying no car keys, no jewels, and he’s sporting last month’s sneakers. He’s broke as hell. A bad ***** realizes that she has two options: (1) She can take him home and get her groove on just to enjoy the sex and don’t get emotionally involved because he can’t afford her; or (2) She can walk away and leave his broke *** standing right there. Having a relationship is out. If a bad ***** is extra slick she can keep this guy on the side for the good sex. He then becomes a commercial to the money man who is the main program. The money man is the guy who knows how to provide, knows how to bring home the goodness and bless his woman with everything she wants. Now the money man might not be ringing any bells sexually, but if he has ends—if his pockets are heavy—a bad ***** will moan like this ***** is the original Casanova. When he’s sexing her, she’ll shake, pant, and cry out like he’s creating orgasms as strong as ocean waves."
-- Sister Souljah as Winter in “The Coldest Winter Ever”

A lot of Sisters read "The Coldest Winter Ever" and as I'm reading it I'm seeing why. The book is very excellent and Sister Souljah really puts you into the mindset of this young Sister as the consequences of vanity and individualism catch up with people in her environment. I really like this quotation. Especially since it makes me realize that to some people I may look really, really impoverished.
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