Black Poetry : A B.I.T.S Player (for my brothers in flight GQ and dnommo)


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Mar 19, 2001
Hey fam, yeah I am supposed to be gone but I didn't get a chance to post this before I took flight. I'm not sure if these brothers will see this ,but, I know God will let them feel my spirit.

A B.I.T.S Player

I am a "B.I.T.S" player
a "Brother In The Struggle"

and I understand that/

blak men need to stand next
to blak men and overstand blak men
to really be blak men in this

ballistic test
and hedonistic cravings

attack/define/emcompass us
we are the encapsulated enslaved
to stereotypes of
murderers/irresponsible baby daddies/
and keeping weak spirits chained
to crack pipes

real blak men denounce/deflect/decry/
and deny the labels that "kill us"
before we're even encountered
to counter the lies

I have lived past 24 / because
of brothers like GQ and dnommo
whose scribes pick me up
cause "I ain't heavy"
/ when my pen grows weak/
a corellation to my spirit..............

when the struggle has me
on the run / when I get tired of

yet, with these "B.I.T.S" players
standing beside me in Soul
and brotherhood......................

the blood flows with the passion
of a people......
and I continue to move on.

(c)2001 blakverb

* You "cats" (as my late grandpops would say) are my brothers. When our paths cross we shall conversate and "make up for lost time."


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