Black People : "A act of kindness"

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    "A act of kindness" goes along way! Being a holistic practitioner/holistic disease defense specialist! I came across a elderly couple in need! The Baba was having cardiac problems! In the parking lot of whole foods! I approach the elder couple! An the Yeye Quickly greeted me as son! And told me that the Baba was having chest pains! And my mojo ***! Is always in possession of my juju bag! Full of powdered herbs and roots and essential oil drops! The Baba was in much pain! I looked into the Baba eyes quickly! I asked the Yeye could I help him! She told me yes! Quick Fast into my bag I went! I put some powdered white Moluk root on my Pointer finger and put some under his tongue and rub it on his teeth and gums! And shazam! Baba is still with Us! People say I took a big chance! The situation could've went wrong! True but I beg to differ! Elder was in crisis! And I was there! And that's what I do! Seem like natural divine and spiritual intervention to me! It turned out that Baba had very high cholesterol! I successfully treated him at a later date! And just found out after inviting him to my Facebook page that he owns a publishing company! Smiling!!! Do you know what that means! God is Good!​