"...However, when the European came to Central and South America, they enslaved the Native Americans, killing millions of them through slavery, torture, murder and previously unknown diseases.
Columbus, on his return to Spain at the start of the Atlantic slave trade, crammed 1,200 Indian slaves into his three tiny ships, but after running short on labour supply due to the decimation of the Native population, the Europeans began to import Afrikan slaves in order to meet the growing labour demands of their ruthless conquest and plunder. Therefore, Native Americans and Black Afrikans share a common history of massive abuse, genocide and exploitation by the white man. Native Americans were even called by the same derogatory terms applied to Black people, not to mention the two continents that were stolen from them. Here is an original painting of a Black Mohawk Indian in Moorish attire..."

1660665760272.png 1660665800266.png

Disease Laden.png


....white looking Jews sowed small pox in to blankets and the American Army then sold those blankets to Black Indians. This process killed Black American Indians by the thousands. Eye strongly suspect that they are behind this Covid19-Monkey Pox Hoax! This group of people have used the intellect they stole from Africans to "most specifically" shower genocide on Black people...


Source: "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews"
Page 111-113
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The First Americans Were Black Indians of African Descent​




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