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Feb 19, 2001
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Feb 9, 2001
Is this racism? Because all of his victims are Black? Can it be racism mixed with the worst form of sexual depravity? But those questions are trying to understand the man in the report and that might be a short discussion or, maybe not. But, more importantly, and we've discussed this many, many times in other threads...the girls...young, under age, according to the law, and out in the world, unprotected, unsupervised. I don't want to make assumptions about them as if I know for a fact, what their experiences are like at home--if they have one, but, as a parent, it troubles me that these children have this level of freedom where they are preyed upon by deviant predators, to the extent that their lives are cut short or are made to live out their lives diseased and emotionally and psychologically damaged.

Are there any child welfare workers here who can help me to understand stories like this better? Not from the standpoint of the predators, but the children and why so many are on the streets and able to put themselves in harms way.

I saw another story recently about a Black 3-year old baby girl, who was playing outside with a cousin at her birthday party, unsupervised, and two men strolled by them and were able to lure and abduct one of the children and eventually murder her and stuff her tiny body in a trash dumpster. Thankfully, the complex had outdoor cameras that captured images of the men near the little girl right before she came up missing. The alleged perps were Black.

Sometimes I feel as though I live in a bubble, isolated from these events. That is concerning to me. But, in actuality, this stuff is happening all around us, probably every day. This isn't just about racism, this is about the destruction of Black families and the Black community. People are roaming and cruising through our neighborhoods, searching for their prey. They may even be living in our neighborhoods. Maybe we assume too much, trust too much and ignore the signs of danger when it's right in front of us. Maybe we squash thoughts about people who act strangely because we don't want to think that people we know can be devious and perverted. But truth should not be denied--people and sometimes those in our families can be mentally disturbed psychos.

Do we need more neighborhood, even family watch groups; people who are trained to spot deviant behavior in our communities so that we are equipped to protect each other, especially our children? Men and women can be predators who take advantage of easy access to the children. If these children don't die in the hands of a predator, they will surely grow up, possibly becoming one. R. Kelly's story should be a wake up call, not just a sad and shocking news gossip about a celebrity. What goes through the minds of the two young Black women who lived with him?

Do you think it's in a person's nature, something they are born with to prey on children or is it learned behavior?


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Apr 6, 2020
These things although most terrible in the ways of adults criminal sexual conduct with not only underage girls but boys too using narcotics and alcohol and accepting money and gifts is nothing new. This happens much more then you could even imagine. And the parents are where? Also some of the biggest pimps and madams purveyors of child porn are local fame and popular glitz crowd on social media not to mention mothers and fathers themselves and other family members. I will say also that if one is raised with good character and a good sense of responsibility and morals by decent parents no amount of peer pressure should sway them. Thank you.
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