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    This is a poem I wrote in the aftermath of 911 in 2001. Posting it for another dose of anniversary truth...

    Forgive me, but please tell me....
    Where the **** is the flag for humanity
    In the midst of all this sickening patriotism
    Some one please call 911
    Before I pull out my bop gun
    For all these deluded negros
    Once again singing the American themes
    To the beat of jungle drums
    While cannons burst babies in air
    And the rockets red glare is just a sheen of blood
    Falling softly to the sand
    We wave flags to drop bombs on our brothers
    We wave flags to drop bombs on our brothers
    As we are lynched from 50 stars
    We wear stripes proudly behind these bars of inhumanity
    I have to wonder if my brothers and sisters are insane
    As they smile in the heat of this Armageddon hypocrisy
    Pledging allegiance to this got damned flag
    That ripples in the heavens
    Mocking God as we play Devil's Advocate
    In God We Trust
    Yet we wave flags to blow lives into dust
    Falling all around
    The screams that find no sound on the distant shores
    We are 400 years removed in our ignorance
    Wrapping ourselves in this flag that threatens
    To tear at the spiritual fibers of our beings
    Fifty stars falling from the heaven
    To strike the Earth with Judgement Day
    Yet you smile and weep for a cause so meaningless and empty
    Dear God someone please call 911
    To revive my people to their conscious mind
    I hear Whitney singing a song of a blood spangled banner
    That yet robs her of her vitality
    Cause this sister is dying
    Like the rest of these unregenerate brothers and sisters
    Entrenched in the nightmare of AmeriKKKA
    Bound by a tumultuous tide of lies
    Encircling the thrones of their minds
    Where a implant Massa yet tangles their
    Black Feeling, Thought, and Judgement
    Yet 911 holds in contempt of moral court
    These damned devils lying
    That this land is their land
    But the blood wells up in the our veins
    While Native Americans dance and wail in the wind on our forgotten mental plains
    We have rejected the taint of sin
    That has sunk into the forgotten collective memories
    Of our miserable yesterdays
    I hear Carter crying from the mountains
    To the lost souls of miseducated negros
    Somehow misplaced their legacy
    Misconceived in the wombs of their mothers
    Misunderstood by the world
    Bastards that still cry for the shores of Afrika
    Cause see they can't suckle from dry breast
    Of a country that turns its face away
    Yet greedily suckles the whole world dry
    How do we continual to purport this lie
    Of freedom
    Freedom to hate yourself
    Freedom to condemn your minds to a life long sentence of deception
    Freedom to choose to deny the beauty of your own heritage
    Freedom to comfort yourself in worldly gain
    While you ignore your people's pain
    Freedom to turn our backs on the world
    Freedom to fall upon our own swords
    Drawn not against our true enemies
    But ourselves
    Freedom to live a pretense of heaven inside of hell
    Freedom that never was
    Freedom that never lasts
    Freedom to deny the terrors of a past
    You just are not courageous enough to face
    The truth of your so called Freedom
    Is that is does not exist
    So someone please call 911
    Cause the heavens are telling
    Spiritual sirens set off
    Your legacy has been stolen
    Your blood has dried in the putrid air
    Exhaled from dead lungs
    Dead Afrikans walking
    Walking toward the red hot sun
    As the sheen covers your naked and scarred shoulders
    The mirror don't reflect your spiritual decay
    Cause despite your smiles and laughter
    911 came too late
    And you are dying
    911 came too late
    And the angels are crying
    911 came too late
    To the pay the debt of your lost souls
    Twin towers exploding in clouds of rolling black smoke
    Black smoke rising above white air
    So you can breathe
    Remove the noose (nukes) from your neck
    Walk away from scene of the new millennium crime
    Cause see 911 is here to revive you from this tragedy
    Which should be our celebration
    Resurrection of the Real Black Man & Woman
    Calling you to repossess your godhood
    Better respond to the Final Call.......
    911, 911, 911
    ****, the line is still busy....
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    will da call ever be answered ??
  3. Da Street So'ja

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    being in Manhattan on Sept 11, 2001
    i can tell you the attack on the WTC, was an isolated incident, because
    they could have been alot more damage if they wanted. but something's fishy

    your piece is great you know i'm feeling it the whole nine

    especially this part "Yet greedily suckles the whole world dry
    How do we continual to purport this lie
    Of freedom
    Freedom to hate yourself
    Freedom to condemn your minds to a life long sentence of deception "
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    strong piece!