Black Poetry : 911 Is Still A Joke

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    911 is still a joke!
    Parents train their children
    to call 911 in case of an emergency,
    but because children
    adhere to the things they've listened,
    dispatchers for police divisions
    will ignore the urgency...
    "911 where's the problem?"
    "My mother's passed out"
    "Let me speak to her on the double,
    or for your prank call,
    I'll send a unit over
    and you'll be in trouble."
    "But my mom needs help."
    "Yeah, right....ok.
    I'm through with you,
    I'm sending a police car over
    to take you away!!"
    Mother collapsed in bed
    from heart complications.
    How the hell can she engage in
    the solicited conversation?
    What's a little black boy to do
    when his pleas for help are dismissed
    rather than listened to?
    Operater said she would
    send someone over,
    but three hours later,
    He's becoming more nervous,
    and his mother's condition
    isn't getting any greater.
    So he dials again,
    pleas for help once more,
    only for the situation
    to have the same end.
    His mother is dying
    in her bedroom, in her home.
    Her son does what he can,
    and he's accused
    of playing pranks on the phone.
    Where's the help?!
    Whether or not
    a grown-up is present,
    and the situation is bad,
    then someone should
    be sent to check it
    out for him or her self.
    It was only common sense
    for a helpless 5 year old boy
    to do what he was told,
    but I guess 911
    doesn't want to bother
    with emercgency calls
    from 5 year olds.

    911 is Still a joke!
    And I hate to tell ya this,
    but this isn't a new thing, folks!!
    Detroit isn't the only place
    where this atrocity
    has reared its ugly face.
    This situation hits the Atlanta area
    at least 59 times every six months,
    And I know this for a fact,
    because my father worked
    in Atlanta Emergency dispatch once.
    How many black children
    are wrongully in the system
    because they made a plea for help
    and a 911 operator didn't listen?
    The answer should be NONE!!
    But I bet in one county alone,
    If I searched, I'll find at least
    one thousand and one!!
    True enough,
    kids will be kids!
    But now the attitude is,
    if you're a child and call 911
    with a real emergency,
    you get threatened with
    a possible juvenile bid?
    Since the bible decrees
    that wisdom will emerge
    from the mouths of children,
    wouldn't it favor you
    in bad situations
    to allow them to speak
    and take a hearty listen?

    911 is still a Joke!!!
    But this isn't Flava Flav
    of Public Enemy
    trying to remind you.
    Most of you
    may have thought, 'nice song'
    then put
    its PSA issue behind you.
    The city might be responsible for it,
    But the heart of the matter
    was strictly black on black.
    I think it's ****** up
    when our kids do the right thing
    and, by us, get constantly attacked.
    Chief Bully-Cummings
    can do all the damage control
    that she wants to do.
    But the truth of
    the clear and present negligence
    from black police department employees
    shines brightly through.
    Get the hint!!
    This is a wake up call.
    It's ****** up when kids care
    whereas we don't seem
    to care at all,
    especially when you're one of
    the people who are supposed to care!!
    Had the police in Detroit
    done their job,
    Robert Turner's mother
    would still be there!!
    To the operators involved,
    you cost a child his mother,
    and I hope this remains
    fresh on your minds!
    Because it was you,
    on behalf of the city,
    who, against the Turner family,
    committed this crime,
    and why these verses chime
    911 IS STILL A JOKE!!!

    (For the Turner Family of Detroit. Sherrill Turner, Rest In Peace)
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    I feel every bit of this .....
    I removed the link from the poetry and beside it didn't work.