Black People : 9 Levels Of People Activity


Happy Winter Solstice
Sep 27, 2005
All 9 Levels of People Activity Are Practiced Daily Against Black People Inside the System of Global White Supremacy
Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing
"The Isis Papers"
page 168

1. Economics --how, when. and where your money is spent (ie. this includes housing)

2. Education --how, when, where you are educated

3. Entertainment (Media, Newspaper, Internet) --how, when, and where your received information

4. Labor --how, when, and you are handled in the workforce

5. Law --how, when, and where you are handled inside the justice system, especially by the police

6. Politics --how, when, and where you are deprived of your inalienable rights and thus treated as a third class citizens and/or denizens

7. Religion --how, when, and where you are deceived in the religious system with the facade of a white God who is in your pocket every single week

8. Sex/Gender --how, when, and where you are discriminated against because you are a black man or a black woman

9. War --how, when, and where you are treated in the military during peace or war
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