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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Well my dearly beloved, it seem as if Condolezze Rice was the focal point
    this morning for the Bush White House in regard to 9 -11 and what I saw and
    heard give cause for me to be as skeptic as I have always been concerning
    the 9-11 magic.

    I say magic because the greatest in house covert activity against america
    was pulled off on 9-11 and people still are allowing themselves to be

    The evil strategy of, problem, reaction, solution, was used to hood wink the
    american people and the world, well at least some of the american people and
    some of the world.

    The 9- 11 deception had a lot of players and I am not talking about the
    phantom players the government has sold to the american people, who was
    supposed to have frowned airplanes into buildings, people of Asians descent
    so they say and we accepted without fact or reasonable questions, but be
    that as it may.

    What is appalling about this 9-11 deception is how gullible the american
    people are and more especially Blacks in america, for accepting what people
    of government officials tell us, with out suspicion, about incidents of a
    grave and deathly nature, when stories and facts do not bear witness to
    their claim and in particular this event now known as 9- 11.

    Before I go any further, let me explain what the problem, reaction and
    solution is all about.

    What you have is people with power and ability to create a problem of this
    magnitude, knowing very well that the american people are going to react to
    such a monstrous problem and then here come the creators of the problem with
    the solution, with the american people now being the pawns of the magicians,
    agreeing to everything they tell us about the problem and what we must do to
    solve it.

    From the White House to the american News Media, they are the true culprits
    who was involved in the implementing of this great tragedy cover up of 9 -
    11 and what we are witnessing in regard to this so call 9 - 11 commission
    hearing, is one of the greatest cover ups of the most evil act of internal
    destruction by way of airplanes since Pearl Harbor.

    You see dear beloved, the sin of omission is just as greater as the sin of
    commission and here we have both at play.

    Tell me why don't some one ask the question flat out, why those planes were
    not intercepted, who gave the stand down order, where are the black boxes
    and what is on them, why did it take some one out of the White House loop to
    give the shoot down order, which is what brought down the Pennsylvania
    plane, where are the remnants of the so call crashed planes, why was there
    immediate clean up begun before an investigation by the appropriate
    investigating agencies could carry out their duty.

    Was not the crash sight a crime scene and only criminalist and rescue
    workers should have been allowed on that sight, until the appropriate
    qualified agencies released it ?

    Where are the flights manifest ? why is it that moussoui is not allowed to
    speak publicly ? What is his trial date ?

    There are so many unanswered questions that is not being asked by all of
    those who claim to be about getting to the truth about what happen on 9-11.

    I also noticed today when Chris Mathew had some of the 9-11 victims family
    on, right after the hearing closed and one of the ladies asked the question,
    why those planes were not intercepted and Chris ignored her question and
    immediately switched to something else and you tell me this is not the media
    being a party to the cover up about what really happen on 9-11 ?

    We all have been played like an expensive violin, make good music and yet
    understand not the magic of its sound, with the people serving as being the
    violin and the lies being the music and the sound of those lies being so
    misunderstood by the american people.

    9-11 is a master mystery of who done it, yet to a rational mind,the answer
    is right before our eyes and it is not who they say it is that did it.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Black Afrikan Nation