Black Money Business Jobs : $89 million out of $500 billion

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    Oct 25, 2005
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    I wonder if Samoans are 'African-Americans'. And I wonder if revenue means actual take home PROFIT.

    African-Americans own hundreds of Hawaii businesses
    Pacific Business News (Honolulu) - 9:30 AM HAST Tuesday

    Hawaii has more than 800 businesses owned by African-Americans and their annual sales top $80 million, the Census Bureau reports.

    There are 1.2 million businesses owned by African-Americans nationwide, generating $89 million in revenues yearly, and that figure has risen 25 percent in five years, Census said Tuesday.

    The 817 black-owned Hawaii businesses in 2002, the newest year for which full data are available, employed 681 people and had a combined annual payroll of nearly $19 million.

    Health care and social assistance businesses were most numerous, 134, but the largest chunk of sales, more than $8 million, came to 41 businesses in the fields of administrative and support and waste management and mediation services.

    Of those 817 businesses statewide, 642 were on Oahu, and they accounted for $73.5 million in sales.
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    numbers don't add up...we're doing better than that

    I don't know first glance those numbers seem way off. If 80 million in sales through black business in hawaii alone how could the national annual revenue be only 89 million?

    I'm pretty sure annual revenue through black business is measured in tens of billions...shoot Oprah by herself pulling in +300 million annual revenue.

    Not trying to nitpick you, but we're doing better than that.