Black People : 71 year old man can conduct 220 volts of electricity through his body.

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    He\'s electric

    From Wired we found this story about a 71-year-old Xinjiang man that

    July 10, 2007
    He's electric

    From Wired we found this story about a 71-year-old Xinjiang man that can conduct 220V electricity through his body, allowing him not only to power up six 13-watt light bulbs and cook fish with his bare hands, but also heal people with arthritis and back problems!

    The Wired article calls the guy Zhang Decaux, while the Chinese reports call him Zhang Deke , a retired worker from a town in Xinjiang. According to the Chinese reports, Zhang discovered his abilities when he was 47 when he was changing the light bulb and accidentally touched a live wire (or socket?) and instead of getting shocked or electrocuted, he felt almost nothing. Zhang cautiously tried this several more times until he realized that his body could in fact conduct electricity.

    Now Zhang regularly uses his ability to help cure people of various diseases and ailments, and what's even better is that he doesn't charge for his services. If there is no improvement in three days, he recommends his patients to go the hospital. A reporter that has been covering Zhang since February of this year claimed that 18 of his 22 patients are satisfied with the results of his "electrotherapy".

    Awhile back, Zhang was invited to some public performance where, with 220v of electricity coursing through his body, he cooked a raw fish in about two minutes. However, don't get your hopes up, Zhang is not quite one of the X-men yet—although he likes the warm feeling of electricity running through his body, he never does it for more than five minutes at a time. See more pictures here.