Chief Elder Osiris : 700 Billion Is For The Wealthy Corporations.

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    So tell me, why is it that congress did not pass the bail out bill when first presented to them, such an act showed that there was no urgency as had been so suggested to be, by Secretary of the treasure Paulson.

    The economic problems have nothing to do with the lower working class, that is the class in America the system make sure that they can not afford a house to pretend to own in America, so the state of the economy in term of its solvency and market status, has no effect on the lower working class, hard time is nothing new to the working class, they who are always in need of a raise in wages and benefits for their family, but is never to experience such family peace.

    What I see is how anxious the Afrikan Americans are to have the American economic problem to become Black folks in America problem, the Afrikan American mentality is so reminiscence of the days when our Ancestors were in chains in America and when ever the slave master fall ill, the people treated as slaves would, to show concern for the slave master, would say to the ill slave master these words, "what is the trouble with you master, is we sick"?

    Here we are living in a Time when America does not take to kind to Black People identifying themselves as being Black in America any more with pride and not for Black People in America making reference to Race, as an identifiable difference in America, such a new attitude about ourselves, has been caused by the coming of Obama, he who has conditioned Black people to deny their Race and to consent to become an invisible geographical people and not a biological phenotype in America and to have an unquestionable desire to jump into the America melting pot, for purpose to change the nature of Black folks identity.

    There is a class of Black Folks whose economic condition does not change, they continuously live below the poverty economic line and those Black people know what economic hard time is, and have known way before the America economy became ill and required a 700 billion dollars operation, with no guarantee the economic bleeding will stop, yet there are those Afrikan American with the enslaved mentality, that is saying we Afrikan Americans are economically sick, taking on the economic ill of America.

    There were no unified act of Afrikan Americans opposing the 700 billion dollars bail out, yet when Black folks come along demanding reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors , you have Afrikan Americans crying out against such an issue, claiming that America does not have money to pay reparation to satisfy a justifiable debt owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, those Afrikan Americans revealing a slave mentality that has been with us for five hundred years.

    Yet here Black Folks are at an all time hype over Obama prospect of becoming America president and will not show such a hype and interest about the Right for our Enslaved Ancestors to receive their Reparation.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Yourselves, Beloved

    Chief Elder