Black Spirituality Religion : 7 Hindrances to Healing

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    Each person has a part to play in his or her own healing.Many people
    desire to be healed, but not always are for some reason or another they
    dont meet the conditions of God word.Just like there are many who desire
    eternal life, but they never recieve it because they fail to meet the
    simple conditions for eternal life.
    When people don't get healed, most folks like to say its because of
    their lack of faith. Thats a good assumption, but not always true.
    Theres 7 main hindrences to divine healing:
    FIRST: Many dont get healed because they don't prepare themselves to
    recieve healing.
    The most common reason people dont get healed is because they do not
    take time with God's word. They may have heard healing taught, but when
    they need it, they don't prepare their heart to recieve it.People want
    to run into the first healing line they can find and get in it, even
    thought they are not in a spiritual attitude to recieve it. I believe 90%
    of the church in Americia today aren't spiritually in tune. They go to
    church on Sunday, and in the middle of the week if they can, but thats
    all their doing spiritually. They are not preparing themselves by
    staying continually, daily, in the Word. If your in the Word daily your the
    exception rather than the norm.
    WHen you are in the spirit praying for the sick, you can tell
    immediately when you lay hands on them if they are prepared or not.
    If they are prepared, their faith begains to draw the anointing of the
    power of God out of you. If they arent prepared, you feel the anointing
    and power of God begin to flow, yet it comes right back; it is not
    recieved. When you look in the New Testament, we see that Jesus did not
    normally heal people unless they had been where He was teaching.
    Instruction first: healing second. That's a simple principal of life,
    instruction first, then the results.
    SECOND: Many are not healed because they are questioning wheather or
    not it is the will of God to heal them.
    The person who needs healing must be confident with no wavering
    whatsoever- thats its the will of God to heal them. Too many sick people are
    like the leper who came to Jesus in Matthew 8. He said,:IF you will,
    can you heal me" DId you ever notice Jesus" answer? "I will. Be clean"
    THIRD: Many dont get healed because of the sin in their lives.
    Hidden sin. I know we don't like to talk about this, because it gets
    too close to home. Go back to the bible with me, you will find the
    children of Isreal were winning battle after battle, everything was going
    great for then then they lost a battle.
    Joshua asked, "Lord, whats going on?" The Lord replied, "Theres sin in
    the camp". When they found out where it was, they fixed the problem and
    started winning their battles again.
    James 5:14;15 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of
    the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the
    name of the Lord, 15 And the prayer of faith shall save him, and if he
    commited sins, they shall be forgiven him.
    This is only one example from the Word of God. No, I'm not accusing
    everybody who isnt healed of having sins in their lives, but if you start
    trouble shooting, trying to see why somebody isnt recieving healing
    this is one area to look at.
    MAny people hold grudges in their hearts, according to what I read in
    the Word, thats sinful. That unforgiving spirit will cause them to have
    sicknesses they cant get rid of. Bitterness is one of the greatest
    enemies of the human spirit. If allowed to continue, it will poision and
    ruin the spirit. Bitterness in your heart will not only hinder you from
    recieving from God, but, if left unchecked, it can and will hinder your
    whole family.
    Also if you are full of bitterness, you cannot walk in love. And faith
    works by love!
    FOURTH: Many dont recieve healing because they are relying on the arm
    of the flesh.
    That means relying on certian men or women. People say," I've GOT to
    have Pastor So and SO to pray for me, or, "This person or that person has
    to pray for me. You see, they are relying on that individual to heal
    them, not God.I dont mean that the power of God is not going to flow
    through some man for your healing. But just because someone is anointed
    doesnt mean he can get the answer for you any quicker than somebody else
    When you start looking at people from a fleshly standpoint instead of a
    spiritual standpoint, its like hero worship.
    Satan has people looking to the arm of the flesh for help instead of
    realizing that God can manifest Himself in the middle of nowhere if He so
    FIFTH: Many people remain unhealed because they never set a specific
    time for their healing to be manifested.
    In their minds, they're always going to get it " someday". "I'm going
    to get it sometime," they say. "Oh, yes, Sister, I'm going to get healed
    one of these days"!
    Some people do set a time, but it's always in the future; its never
    now. But the Wod of God says, "what things soever ye desire, when ye pray,
    believe that ye recieve them, and ye shall have them" (Mark 11:24)
    Decide when sometime is :teach: SIXTH :Many people dont get healed because they dont desire anything.
    I used to ask people,"what are you praying for"? "Oh, nothing in
    particular," they would say. "Well, thats what your going to get, nothing in
    particular" You've got to desire something when you pray, You have to
    have a goal, a hope, or a desire.
    Desire it, pray, and believe. God will take care of the rest.
    SEVENTH: Many people do not recieve healing because they are
    spiritually lukewarm.
    This point ties in with my first perparation for healing. I dont
    believe you can prepare yourself and be spiritually lukewarm. Thats how some
    people are, and I know no one likes to hear this. They're lukewarm.
    They're hanging on the outer frindges, just hanging on enough so they
    won't fall over the edge; seeing how close they can get without falling
    Yet when things start going wrong- when they or a family member gets
    sick, they want God to help them out.They're so far away from God they
    can hardly hear Him when He;s talking to them.
    These seven points are only a few of the things that hinder people from
    recieving healing.
    You that need healing but havent recieved it should do a little
    inventory to find out where you are at spiritually.
    Look down in your heart. See if you got some unforgiveness down there.
    Look for a root of bitterness. Confess it to God if you do.I've been
    involved in the healing ministry for several years now. Of all the seven
    points I've discussed, the thing i have seem the most that has kept
    people from recieving their healing from God most of the time was
    unforgiveness and bitterness in their hearts.
    It hasnt kept people from being saved, and it wont keep them out of
    Heaven, but it has kept them from recieving the full benefits of the
    Christian walk.
    If you are having difficulties recieving a benifit that is yours
    according to the Word of God, start checking up. Most of the time you'll find
    that you have allowed something fro one of these 7 areas in your life.
    Notice I did not say that someone who is not recieving healing has all
    7 of these areas wrong with them. But most people will find that one of
    these areas is being overlooked in their life.
    God wants you healed. I want you healed. If you need healing in your
    body and need prayer, email me, or send me a message, I will :pray: for
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    Thank You!!!

    Wow. That hit right where I needed it. Bitterness and unforgiveness. Just further conformation to what I've been praying about. Thanks for your obedience to allow God to speak through you and share that Word.
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    Thank you for this!

    I need to print this out!