African American History Culture : 664 Slave deliberately drowned by Dutch Captain

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    Even in the annals of the slave trade, it was a chapter which was particularly horrific.

    Laden with her human cargo, the slave ship Leusden ran aground in an estuary off the coast of Suriname, South America, near to the end of her transatlantic voyage on New Year’s Day 1738.

    As she sank into the murky depths, the captain ordered his crew to send the slaves below deck and for the hatches to be nailed shut to keep them there. While he and his crew sailed off in two smaller boats, the vessel foundered, taking with her 664 African men, women and children entombed within, in what was the greatest single tragedy of its kind in the slave trade.

    Quest for the sunken slave ship which claimed 664 lives

    Experts believe they are close to locating the final resting place of a slave ship which sank in what has been described as the biggest single tragedy of the Atlantic slave trade