Health and Wellness : 6 Food Cures That Really Work and 6 Overrated Foods

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    6 Food Cures That Really Work


    If you've got aches and pains, try one of these food fixes for fast relief

    1. Lemon Juice for Kidney Stones

    If you’ve ever had kidney stones, you know they are no joke. Patients have compared kidney stone pains to that of childbirth. According to the National Kidney Foundation, there’s a very simple solution that could help: lemonade. The juice from lemons and other citrus fruits like limes is high in citrate, which may help keep kidney stones at bay by preventing calcium from combining with other stone-forming materials in the body, says Dr. Allan Jhagroo, a kidney stone specialist at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

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    6 Food Cures That Really Work - Next Avenue

    If aches and pains have got you down, try one of these little-known food fixes for fast relief.

    6 Overrated Foods

    That's not to say the foods aren't healthy. But their health benefits are exaggerated, misleading consumers to believe they'll see immediate or dramatic results by eating them. I asked top nutritionists around the country which foods they believe are most overhyped. You'll be shocked by their answers.

    1. Agave

    Ellie Krieger, a nutritionist and author of "Weeknight Wonders: Delicious, Healthy Dinners in 30 Minutes or Less," says, "While agave has its advantages -- it has a low glycemic index, it is vegan and it dissolves well -- it doesn't deserve its health halo. Agave is still an added sweetener that contributes virtually empty calories and is up to 90 percent fructose, a form of sugar that has been linked with fatty liver when eaten in excess. If you like it, use it sparingly, like any sweetener. Personally, I prefer local honey or pure maple syrup, which are less refined and offer at least some antioxidant and mineral benefits."

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    6 Overrated Foods

    You often hear about superfoods that promise health, wellness and tons of weight loss. It irks nutritionists like me to no end that the media or society hypes the health benefits of these foods. That's not to say the foods aren't healthy. But...