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Jul 2, 2003
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5G is Non-Ionizing _ Unlike as Reported as Ionizing
Some of the same fears were expressed when 2G , 3G, 4G were deployed.
Exposure to RF energy from the cell phone up side your head.. may have an effect on soft tissue of the Brain..
So Ear Buds should be used.
Less Cell Phone usage. May help. Each person will experience the everyday radiation that surrounds us all right now.

Living under high voltage power lines too will effect the people exposed.
Too much Sun Radiation causes cancer. We are Exposed..

and Now 5G


They want to expand the services to sell .. Speed up the Internet we use..
There is always aluminum foil hats!

Copper mesh jackets will protect, so will lead suits can be fashioned to protect yourself from.
Entrepreneurial opportunities abound.

From Change Comes Innovation and New Opportunities.. Confucius Says

5G cant penetrate a building, is easily interfered with by rain, trees, and a bird flying thru direct radiation will fall to the ground.

I have worked higher into Infrared Frequencies. I'm a RF Technician ( I have worked with 6 GHz up to 32 GHz ) still crazy Family, shocked and felt the Burn.. and took my Lickens and Blessed to be still _ Sticking and Kicking..

One co-worker did get nose bleed ( 2006 / 2007 ) he sat under 2G for hours a day ..
I told him he needed to limit the number of RF radios he ran and he left the company.. Poor Guy

There is a RF System the government just made. They may indeed be deploying. It is crowd control Radiation Device.
Used to control Rioting and Crowd Control.
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