Law Forum : 57 North Texas Aryan Brotherhood Gang Members Indicted In Meth Ring

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Oct 1, 2017
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This is interesting to say the least.

1. America's deadliest White supremacist organization teams up with a Black drug gang to distribute meth.

2. What happened to the Aryan/MS-13 drug alliance?

3. A joint Federal, State and Local law enforcement agency deep cover operative investigation involving hundreds of officers, deputies and agents spends millions of tax dollars over a three year period to arrest only 57 of 20,000 listed Aryan Brotherhood members, seize only 190 kilograms of meth, $376,000 and 31 weapons?

Will President Donald "Tropicana Head" Trump and his obvious lack of drug interdiction experience North Texas District Attorney General Erin "Kneel On Her Knees" Nealy Cox be burned at the stake of media fury and public outrage for this government hoax like former President Barack Obama and Former Attorney General Eric Holder were skewered for "Operation Fast and Furious"?

4. Notice how unlike "OFF" where the ATF took the lead in an operation that's their primary area of responsibility and expertise the DEA either avoided becoming the lead agency and rightfully so since along with the CIA they are the biggest drug traffickers in the Western Hemisphere or were pushed aside so the skim could be distributed equally among it's parent agency the DOJ and others higher up the ladder of corruption, power and domination who don't have to submit to monthly polygraphs and rat their SAC's out in a career destroying plea deal.




Race or color aside, in the end it's really all about the cash.




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