Egypt : 52 Sources from Ancient Egyptian writings that were culled to create the biblical text

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    So far I only cite 53 sources from Ancient Egyptian writings that were culled to create the biblical text. Here is a review of one of those sources (eg. you will note that this source is 4th from the bottom of the list.)

    The Teaching of Amenemope and Proverbs 22:17 and 25:22: Further Reflections on a Long-Standing Problem

    J. A. Emerton
    Vetus Testamentum
    Vol 51, Fasc 4 (Oct, 2001)
    pages 431-465
    Published by Brill

    click here "...Adolf Erman argued in 1924 that Proverbs 22:17 is dependent on an Egyptian sapiential work, the Teachings of Amenemope. Since then, it has been widely--though never universally--agreed that this part of the book of Proverbs or in the opinion of many, the whole of 22:17-25:22, has been influenced by this Egyptian source.

    The sources listed below were used to create the bible:

    Annals of Nebuchadnezzar II, The
    Annals of Sargon II, The
    Annals of Sennacherib, The
    Annals of Shalmaneser III, The
    Annals of Tiglath-Pileser III, The
    Arad Ostraca, The
    Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III, The
    Book of Coming Forth Into the Light, The
    Code of Hammurabi, The
    Cycle of Songs in Honor of Senwosre
    Cylinder of Cyrus, The
    Diary of Wen-Amon, The
    Egyptian Coffin Text, The
    Egyptian Pyramid Text, The
    Egyptian Tale of Two Brothers, The (Story of Anabis and Bata)
    El Amarna Letters on the stele of Memeptah, The
    Enuma Elish, The
    Gezer Almanac, The
    Gilgamesh Tales, The
    Hittite Code, The
    Hymns of Amun
    Hymns of Aten
    "Illimilku" The Scribe
    Instruction of Amenemipet
    Instruction of Amenemipet son of Kanakht
    Instruction of Man for His Son, The
    Karatepe Inscription, The
    Lamentations of Kwaku Pra Sebe, The
    Lachlish Letters
    Mari Prophecies
    Middle Assyrian Code, The
    Papyrus of Anhai, The
    Papyrus of Ani, The
    Papyrus of Anhkwahibre, The
    Papyrus of GautSushen, The
    Papyrus of Hunifer, The
    Papyrus of Kenna, The
    Papyrus of Nebseni, The
    Papyrus of Nesi-Khemsu
    Papyrus Chester Beatty IV
    Paris Papyrus, The
    Siloam Inscription, The
    Stele of Abu, The
    Stele of Djehuti
    Story of Anubis-Nefer
    Story of Aqhat, The
    Story of Keret, The
    Teachings of Ahiqar, The
    Teachings of Amenemope, The
    Teachings of Ptah-Hotep
    Turin Papyrus, The
    Yavne-Yam Inscription. The