Black Money Business Jobs : 5 Ways To Get Things Off Your Credit Report


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Sep 27, 2005

1. Ask the creditor to remove it:

Creditors and other furnishers who report information also have the power to correct or withdraw it. This is sometimes referred to as "re-aging" the account. You can ask creditors to stop reporting something that is accurate but negative because of extenuating circumstances, and sometimes they will agree. For example, if you have always paid your credit card bill on time but then accidentally missed a payment when you were in the hospital or traveling, your issuer may be willing to stop reporting the slip-up. Or you might be able to persuade a medical provider who failed to properly bill you to pull an account back from collections.

Keep in mind that creditors and collection agencies aren't supposed to remove negative items just because you agree to pay them. So you'll want to have a persuasive argument as to why they should work with you.

In addition to asking the company that furnished information to the credit reporting agency to make an exception for you, you also have the right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to dispute an item directly with that furnisher. Simply send them a letter (with proof of delivery) using the contact information found on your credit report. Generally they have 30 days to investigate and get back to you, or the information must be removed.

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Dec 13, 2010
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6. Negotiate with ORIGINAL creditor.

7. Look for loopholes. No system is airtight. I know for a fact (well, not really but ive friends who had to finance college so I know well enough) that Sallie Mae has difficulty verifying the accuracy of it's accounts with the passage of time. Sallie Mae will NOT delete defaults/lateness but if you dispute a loan that you were late >120 days (bc they dont report a neg until youre, like, 3 months delinquent) about 3 to 5 years ago? Theyll remove it because they cant validate it...and Sallie Mae, like all lenders, only reports 'accurate information'. Key word.

8. Dispute what cant be proven. Yes, lie. LOL
*shrug* You think everyone with 800s across the bureaus has never had a hiccup.
No one plays by the rules. People have been paying to have derog info removed from their credit reports for decades. I stopped paying one of my store cards. They sent it to collections. The collection company was experiencing legal trouble of its own. I assumed theyd be unable to find, let alone, verify my account. I disputed and it was removed. Collector attempted to slap it on my Transunion. I opened another dispute and Transunion removed it.
I dont give a .... about shafting a collection agency. You shouldnt, either. LOL
Theyre middlemen, at best. Besides --
I didnt 'owe' the collection company. I owed the original creditor.

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