Black Poetry : 5 Newest Poems By Mario William Vitale

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    All for one

    tre three penny das ta do
    juniper juniper the opened mass
    turn over your yarn
    to the tormentors
    stir the pot
    breach of peace

    the ancients taught
    a silo bent through an accord
    the time has come
    all for one

    An Old Cat

    outside on the patio
    sat an old cat
    timid creature with a vibrant imagination
    dusted off an old book
    studied until the late hours of the night
    a candle light
    each of us is given a gift
    romance is in the air
    we all love to be loved

    in the base of the room
    stood a candle lit in vast duration
    we all must embrace these days

    Choose Your Day

    stars at night
    love in sight
    look into her eyes
    I could see our future
    filtered through a dream
    stay close to me
    drifting along in our society
    green tea

    she then took a pass at me
    a moment in time
    life had new meaning to me
    living out our fantasy & dream
    eating delicious ice cream
    sullen apathy
    getting ready

    sex machine
    keep it clean
    a love scene
    water flowing from my feet
    making no mistake
    call it fate
    a moment in time

    Everything was so very fine


    exploding the duration of the sun
    exposing reloading i look at my phone
    grow fond of grow fond of a deafening blow
    laughter exposed to the mix
    caught up in its fix

    Hands Built Upon The Rock

    breath deep my friend
    inhale to fragrance of lavender mist
    lie awake in secret as two parting doves in flight
    dust off the extremities of disorder
    Oh pale sun doth rich earth

    create a chasm as if a void
    go deeper then before penetrating the heart
    we lie in wait to deceive
    heads in the street
    the fertile soil is blemished with blackened tar

    pray tell me where to begin
    this game of life amidst the foolish strife
    vibrations, tempatations & questions
    never forgetting always hoping
    hands built upon a rock