Science and Technology : 5 Major Fault (s) In The US Versus The World Seismic Map

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    All 5 are real and all have the hidden potential to cause great damage once activated.


    1. New Madrid Fault - This fault line affects states that range from Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee and is themost active. It is 5,500 square miles. The movement is lateral
    Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee

    2. Ramapo Fault - This fault line span 187 miles betweenthe Appalacian Mountains and the Piedmont area. Earthquakes in this region would have fatal effects on New Jersey, [​IMG]

    3. Ridgefield Fault - formed about 250 million years ago this fault has the potential wreck severe havoc on Connecticut

    4. Denali Fault - This fault's motion in Alaska is right lateral and ranges about 600 miles.

    5. San Andreas Fault - This fault is divided into 3 sections that provide horizontal motion. It spans about 810 miles. It is the epicenter of major quakes that strike California from time to time.