Black Poetry : 4th of July

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    4th of July Celebration of the Declaration //
    Dirt was keen for the United 13 colonies the British code //
    Of behavior was a road major with unfair rules a whack road //
    To no end, look in 1775 the British was on a **** mission //
    To confiscate all the ammunition the danger angered the vision //
    Of many about the British, they were on a lunatic fringe and //
    It was love and destiny and Thomas Jefferson dug up a recipe and plan //
    For freedom, as the colonies pride fell a lot as the British was well stocked //
    With unfair rules the colonies felt like a pair of fools dealing with this shock //
    The British was hard to trust must be regarded with disgust colonies felt //
    Extreme hate British unfair theme great the colonies reached out for help //
    A lame mix as the British rules remain fixed in a certain state and that //
    Was hurting the fate of the colonies no apologies from the British, cat //
    And mouse rules exist taxation without representation no doubt separation //
    From the British Was needed but will the British be able to accept a new nation? //
    Oh yes this was silly and to the best of his ability Thomas Jefferson worked to //
    Solve this which involved brisk decision making he envision taking this true //
    Idea to a different level, just dust and dirt no trust in the British work not //
    Good, the colonies were home alone and the British shown wrong must stop //
    No doubt the colonies thirst for and outburst of freedom this alone tells a lot //
    The greatest alert was put on the latest dirt coming from the British that shot //
    Down the spirit of the colonies, the British steps were lame as they wouldn’t //
    Accept the blame for the hardship on the colonies, enough is enough couldn’t //
    Take It anymore and swore this will end it’ll be a thrill to win the war and they did //
    Situation shook and deft like a book on a shelf things look stealth as Britain slid //
    Into tax mode putting the max load putting the max load on the colonies sometime //
    If the war was lost a gravely cost, all whom signed would be doomed with a crime //
    Convicted and restricted and hung for treason the 7 year war left many blind //
    Thomas Jefferson felt the static must be cleansed, the British stand //
    Was wrong, the colonies were a mad majority but the British had //
    Authority, many couldn’t help but remember in September 1774 sad //
    Enough a list of grievances was sent to King George III in which //
    Discuss bitterness how he must reconsider the mess and stress and switch //
    His opinion on tax laws not one thing or word from King George III //
    Instead he was misled he massed groups of troops around Boston heard //
    Gunfire British groove wasn’t smooth this moved the Continental //
    Congress on May 5, 1776 to meet in Virginia had to deal on a mental //
    Basis with the British being astound and disabled led to a round-table //
    Conference some strange news as they exchange views no clown fable //
    This was the real deal couldn’t yield anymore, Thomas Jefferson drew //
    A resolution that led to a revolution detailing British abuses that threw //
    Anger into the colonies quick but Thomas became sick so Peyton Randolph //
    Went instead his stand wasn’t soft with the British the colonies land cost //
    Was tremendous and continuous the tax burdens were hurting too many false //
    Answers from King George III, on July 4, 1776 the DECLARATION //
    Of INDEPENDENCE was signed and designed to correct the situation //
    Many brave women and men died for what they believed in battle //
    After battle even Paul Revere saddled a horse to ride and warn and rattle //
    Each town “Prepare the British are coming you could hear rumbling and //
    Rifles being cocked ammunition and friction winning was their plan //
    And they did ending the British stand the UNITED STATES was born //
    AMEN, so let us enjoy this fourth of July as the blue sky explode with adorned //
    Fireworks and think how bad life would’ve been if it wasn’t for these //
    Brave women and men “hey dawg pass a glass of that juice and gin please” //
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    Also do consider a rap based on what brother Malcolm X might've said to black folk in 2016!!