Black Entertainment : 413 Hope Street & South Central - Do You Remember?


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Mar 13, 2010
STL Missouri
Does anyone remember the shows 413 Hope Street and South Central? They were short lived but really good shows.

Here are some you tube videos of them. See if you remember.

South Central

watch extra episodes here

413 Hope Street


I miss those shows. They had promise.

But needontgrows didn't care for South Central. Said it glorified a negative aspect of our culture :rolleyes: Good show tho.
Billed as a comedy but has a lot of drama and action in it.

And what about 'On Our Own' starring Jurnee Smollet which was the black 'Party of 5' but it preceded it.

And remember 'Generations,' dubbed as the 'the first black soap.' I remember the time it aired but I never got to watch it.


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