Brother AACOOLDRE : 400 year slaves from 1555BC or 1555AD ??


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Jul 26, 2001
400 years Slaves? Not

Where are the 4 hundred years of affliction. This is where the biblical redactors confused two stories. One was about the Canaanite affliction over Egypt, a description of the hyksos era when Canaanites ruled Egypt. The other was about a departure of Israel from Egypt. Lets look at the genesis prophecy to see how these two stories were combined.

Abraham’s seed will be a stranger in the land of Canaan and suffer under the Canaanites (Genesis 17:8) also genesis 37:1

The first stage to the reconstruction recognize that Canaan (not Egypt) caused the affliction. This isn’t talking about blacks in America like Farrakhan wants you to believe.

“ be enslaved and mistreated four hundred years… But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again for the iniquity of the Amorites ( Canaan/Hyksos) is not yet full”.(Genesis 15:13-16)

This passage has always been interpreted to mean that Israel will come out of Egypt, but that it will have to wait until problems with the Amorites disappear. It is then argued that Moses fulfilled the prophecy in that he was in the fourth generation after Jacob. But the prophecy says in the fourth generation, not after the fourth generation. Since Moses is in the fifth generation beginning with Jacob, he doesn’t fall within the terms of the prediction.

The Hyksos, the basis of the story about affliction, were of Canaanite origin, but which Canaanites they were we don’t know. They ruled parts of Egypt from about 1750Bc, and all or most of Egypt from about 1680BC, and remained in power to about 1572BC. The name Hyksos mean “Chieftains from the hill country”. Their headquarters at Avaris (city of Pithom or Ramesis Exodus 1:1:11) they found Joseph ring saying Jacob was his father. I’ve read only two Jacob’s in the Bible.

The term Amorite originally meant specific groups of people in Canaan. It eventually evolved into a term describing Canaanites from the central hill areas in Canaan. So, Hyksos & Amorite both refereed to the same groups of people.

In any event when Abraham went to Egypt, the Hyksos were in charge of the northern delta and Abraham later fled from that territory from lower Egypt to upper Egypt for the protection of the black Egyptians. Joseph came into Egypt and shortly after the Egyptians defeated the Hyksos.

Reducing God’s prophecy to Abraham to its essential components we have the correct following scenario:

1. Abraham sojourned in Egypt
2. Canaanites (Hyksos afflicted Egypt)
3. In strange land not Egypt but Canaan
4. After fourth generation Canaanite power of the Amorites/Hyksos had ended

5. Joseph fourth generation from Abraham returned to Egypt

6. Moses led an Exodus out of Egypt into Canaan.

What we have here are two separate stories that have become entangled due to confusion by the biblical redactors.

The biblical redactors, who no longer remembered that the Israelite ancestors of the patriarchal age had lived in Egypt, only knew of Israelites as a Canaanite people who had been afflicted in Egypt. They read these two stories from a Canaanite rather than Egyptian perspective. From that point of view, persecution in a land of strangers meant Egypt instead of Canaan. They integrated the first story with the second story to reflect a single affliction. The mistreatment of the Jews came from Hyksos not Egypt. But the Jews didn’t know this and in retaliation put a curse on Ham’s son Canaan. Then racism against blacks started in Hollywood with Black peoples eyes popping out of their head from the curse of Ham homosexually looking at Noah’s being naked. The Jews are making up for the error by making some positive roles models in Hollywood movies but there is no widespread repudiation of their scripture.

Now enter the schrphernic Farrakhan who places black slavery and the 400 year affliction from 1555AD to 1955AD We know in 1955 MLK and Rosa Parks and the modern Civil Rights period began. Blacks in America are not the 400 plus year slaves in the Bible. Change the 1555Ad back to 1555BC when the Hyksos was afflicting and mistreating both Jews and Egyptians. Moses and his peoples slavery was something different than the Hyksos lasting less than thirty years from about 1340BC-1315BC.

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