Black People Politics : 4 Stages of Global White Supremacy/Racism


The Age of Aquarius
Sep 27, 2005
The Three "T"'s when a black person gets a new job.

  1. Telling - you are told how to perform a new job
  2. Training - you are showed the details of how to perform a new job. (eg. for the majority of non-white people this (T) is left out; and after a while you go straight to the third (T) Testing. Sometimes, not only is racism is evolved because you are black, age discrimination can play a part in the ruse.) Unfortunately, and sadly ---in some cases, non-white people unconsciously participate in this behavior, not knowing or understanding that they too are aiding and abetting the system of global white supremacy/racism.
  3. Testing - you are evaluated on how you perform the new job and criticized for not performing the job correctly.


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