Black Poetry : 4 Deep: Me, Mann, Sunshine & Quana

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    I came a long ways from getting shot at ducking mexican mafia bullets buck buck(echoing) drive-by into a chase about 3 to 4 blocks to nearly lynched multiple times by suspecting kkk policemen finally one caught up with me brutally when no NAACP answered my phone call afterwards just to learn i was lucky as others floating in the bay didn't make it to live to tell their stories and plus my baby aborted for dayum reason while taking care of another child so inside my mindset i said fuhk it i'm gon keep myself that'away pushing for kids who never will get a chance cause these busters of males and females producing are pure evil to the murderous degree plus these elders out here think they made it flossing in their sunday best wear always lying to the police about this and that asking me questions while i be rolling through your neighborhood well shyte you ain't doing nothing but taking up space wid yo wrinkled down slugged face snitching from your hate inside cause you see this young Edocherokeeian handling his business taking down addresses of empty old abandon and drug houses you ain't trying to own why you trying to stop me from coming up and remodeling them? Youza "Hater" like Maya Angelou wrote of and about you punks and trick suckaz straight up and down you see me as the true racist you love to hate everyday i keeps progressing avoiding you HIV fed people who love to gossip up conspiracy theories in love with everybody else's happening but yo dayum selves cause inside you ain't go nothing to talk out about so people can feel you due to being procrastinators plus you ain't gon see being a follower to an entertainer like a fiend to a false savior deconstructive criticizing me will only have the Ancestors remake me even stronger into the person who i am now which is indestructible i'm always high off of making it watching critical family members drop before i got answers of the questions i never asked them cause i said i was coming back after succeeding to the next timelined event and always keeping up with suspicious laws that get amended and made up hoping i don't have to get to making claymores steel plated bullet resistant vests with them at4s i can go all the way by myself solo stomping illest crazy is how they want and need you to be but not me i ain't going public you see cause they already know who i am i rolls thru wid my lineages on my baseball cap so you can't call me black or an american as i had passports to other countries including dual citizenships it ain't no way i am american when america was not even born when Edo and Cherokee was and we never called each other black until the opposite named themselves colors due to lack of real education though strapped with much trickery to the point where humans going around thinking they colors so or later colors will be the history and herstory everybody comes from making a history up as they live it that's why i pursued my kid...cause ain't nobody gon write me of who what which where why i did when i got soul and a brain communicating to my dead people Big Mann my big cousin Sunshine and my down big female cousin Quana ain't no bigger than a buck 30 she use to be i carry souls wid me everyday and everynight fighting wicked negativities off me so much sometimes i gotta call my momma up just to get another sermon on why the so called black and white people love to hate until your heart stop when ain't nobody worried about nothing out here fools i got no fear even my own sister sees trouble in the near future cause i won't give up my focus to be a domicile house fool i hear dummies in the background taunting their misunderstandings like coons while i keep coming up cause my great great granny was a freed slave you see and sow it ain't no way you gon turn me back when i done seen the scars on my dead uncles back i will clap you down like Harriet Tubman don't believe me then try me when me and you are 12 steps apart bestah pull yours first cause i'm already knowing it ain't no law that gon save me remember i am wanted dead or alive from behind bars to the grave is my only options is what they saying but i'm deaf and blind to your society fake revolutionary spirited folks i'm taking off further and further from this plagued society now let's flip the script cause likeminds are coming up for sure my brother from Jamaica who owns a restaurant i'mmah keep learning Edo and Iroquoian for my regional trading route purposes though i will go back to Swahili so i can be more around likeminds in order to escape the gas chamber they building earning more monies plus putting more paperwork to the side without signing dates and signatures focusing more on the completion of each and every goal at hand cause i am only one superior man who get stereotyped labels more than a record label with hundreds of albums with creative art from back to front i don't stunt neither floss i keep myself plain as i can get keeping clean and real all about my business and economics making instrumental songs in my head go live be the soundtracks and i can only wonder then again know how it feels to be an Emperor cause a Prince studies his past in order to go forward without no mistaken identity as reality gives me more currency i keeps my nieces and cousins smiling cause they like it when i teach em about society trying to keep them from being another cold hand of a dead i'm mashing with all the strength i got until the universe grants me more i get bigger i get smarter i grow more intelligent you can say i grow wiser too and beautiful to be the head of my true story blossoming with all thorns out it ain't no touching me Mann Sunshine Quana to my death souls rolling 4 deep....