Law Forum : 38-Year-Old Black Man Found Hanged in Tree in Ohio, Authorities Call It a Suicide

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    Authorities in Beachwood, Ohio suspect no foul play in the death of a Black man found hanging in a tree.

    According to a news release from the Beachwood Police Department, the man’s body was discovered around 8 p.m. Friday in a wooded area near Richmond Road and Park East Drive. reports that a passerby contacted authorities about the body. The male was later identified as a 38-year-old from the Atlanta area. Per police, the victim had been staying at a local hotel.

    So far, investigators have ruled the death a suicide, according to Not everyone is convinced though.

    A Facebook user named “Your Business Needs LLC” posted the graphic photo of the man in the tree with the caption “Body of an Atlanta, Georgia Black Male Found Hanging in Beachwood, OH. Still think it’s a game? They Claim ‘Suicide.’ ”

    This story is breaking and will continue to be updated.
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