Black People : $34 million/month---Easy

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    May 3, 2002
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    = $33.6 million a month(that is minus the Black Racists/Clones who are helping to destroy us)
    = $403.2 million in a year.

    1. It would really help as we all should--- I went to mainstream and HBCU.... even if I didn't it shouldn't matter

    2. It would let us know how much we value what thoses who came before us fought and died for.

    Think what we could do as a people if we decided to give $5/month for our survival.

    $1 to higher education
    $2 to education/ technologicla endeavors for our children
    $1 of no-rate or low rate loans for Black American businesses
    $1 for emergency miscellaneous


    This is what I mean by simple--- think of it, $5 that you are not giving to eat some fried turkey wings from the corner grocery... and quickening your life.... that is just an example.

    We can do this and get the Gov't out of our business...