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Sep 3, 2011
i love just...
to gaze in your eyes
and see you crack a smile...

i love just...
closing my eyes
in your embrace
feeling your strength
feeling safe

rubbing my lips on your face
against your chapstick soft lips
without kissing them

i love just...
to lay between your legs
watching a movie...eating popcorn
as I feed you
and you feed me

i love just...
how you kiss me so long
before you leave me
your lips so soft
the flavor of spearmint on your tongue

i love just...
how you hide from me
and scare me
wit cho silly self
hitting you
saying how i'll get you back
...but never have

i love just...
how you have control
an Alpha male

not turning cruel
when things get blue
you dont flip the script
and act stupid

i love just...
how we're sticking-it through
stronger than
cheap-*** crazy glue

magic couldn't take me away from you

if and when fate pulls us away
in different directions
forced astray

it will take one a hell-of-a man to fill your shoes
and a mighty queen
to love you the way i do

i love ta love you babe.

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