Black Poetry : 3 Saturday Nites (Dedicated to $$Rich$$)

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    1 saturday night,
    Became a night full of passion,
    My heart filled with desire,
    My love and satisfaction,
    Keith Sweat and R Kelly,
    Bump n grind with me,
    Lets make it happen,
    I'm ready for you boo,
    Haven't you knew,
    I wanted to be with u,
    Tonight is the night,
    To make it happen,
    U get the champaygne,
    I get the ice,
    Rub u down
    In all the places,
    Where you want to be rubbed,
    Slowly touching my breasts,
    Rub across yo chest,
    I'm the best,
    Of yet to know,
    U think so,
    I won't let u go,
    A nice gentle touch,
    A soft kiss,
    Enjoy this moment
    Of bliss and happiness,
    Slowly squeeze me,
    Hold me tight,
    We make love,
    For the first saturday night,
    2 Saturday night,
    We make love endlessly,
    Squeeze your love baby,
    Inside of me,
    Closely but deeply,
    Slowly please me,
    4-Play we can do,
    It's just me and u,
    Whateva you wanna do,
    It's up to u boo,
    Softly whisperin,
    Callin yo name,
    Hold me baby,
    Ease all the pain,
    Away from us,
    And the tension between,
    U and me,
    Enjoy the moment with me,
    Prepare for the last saturday night,
    We do it over again,
    Without the lights,
    Unplug the phone,
    I'm ready for your love,
    My hormones racing,
    My body tapering,
    Thinking of u,
    Is all i can do,
    Relax baby,
    Get ready for me,
    I'll give u,
    What my heart desires,
    To raise the temperature,
    Blazin fire,
    I feel sweat,
    Drip across my face,
    It feels good,
    To feel your embrace,
    Now we can sleep,
    Til the crack of dawn.

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    til we rise upon da morning sun
    have it my way as we play
    doing the thing we pose to do
    whispers of love within da air
    secret moments surely we share
    erotic bliss from ya kiss
    deep inside a taste of sweetness
    from da dream of ya $$RICHNE$$

    in da act of such caress
    as we lay chest 2 breast
    tiny nibbles of love bite
    now ya ready for top flyte
    as i move wit tenderness
    comforting u to my mix
    so again we do dis
    as i pose my single rose
    given affection 2 u str8
    ready 2 get u upon my plate
    as i stroke ya kitty
    to a wet witty
    ya purrrr!!!! meow wit a smile
    ya fantasies dream is my theme
    as ya body starts to silently scream
    i feel ya motion ya bout to cream
    I am da desire to dem ya fire
    wit my compassion wire 2 wire
    u da one i so amire
    ya taking flyte from da 3 saturday
    nights now within my domain
    da lite is bright from da glow
    u sho ya been hit wit da spell
    from da $$RICHNE$$ where i Dwell

    i feast on the treat u lay 4 me
    our heart open up ever so free
    yeap! tonight it's just u & me
    we doing it compassionally
    cum wit it hard and strong
    leaving a feelin ya never alone
    as my tongue roam ya home
    dat secret place wit no face
    just lip 2 lip love
    sharing ya inner self open so
    wide freaky bliss given happiness
    so accept dis miss......................$R

    ya ready 4 da $$RICHNE$$
    my gentle sweet & tenderness
    my heart da soul
    the magic i unfold and
    the love i can composed
    fill ya burnning desire
    rock ya a bit higher
    set ya free from dis
    hot fire
    shine my lite as i take u dis night
    da mood is right
    ya ready 4 dis miss
    ahhhh!!! star bright star light wit al ya might fill da dream dis
    very night take her up up in flyte bring her to me da tyme is right
    within da Kingdom da $R:heart::kiss: :heart:
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    Yall Betta

    BeHave! lol