Black Poetry : 3 Hots And A Cot


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Mar 19, 2001
He became an institutional
icon / been in the pen for
3 years now / been trapped
in his mind for 21 years now
18 years physically free /
mentally enslaved by CONditions
to his existence
hE gOT 3 hOTS anD A cOT
to show hiM this was home
AFter he starved while
existing on the outside
homeless nomadic travelling
robbing to eat / at age 3 daddy
Molested him / at age 5 momma
went on a drug trip...took all
her bags and stayed...gone
'til he found her playing
hide and seek six feet deep
with no roses / but he could
count the dandelions that
outlined her broken spirit
He buried his emotions that
day next to her so he could say

he became comatose sleeping
while he was walking laughing
to fake it getting high to make it
to another day that brought the rain
of mental gang bangs cause
he was the wrong color....he was trapped
into "i wish I was white" as if tragedy
was "a black thang" so he deflected
his reflections off of his pupils so
he no longer could see himself
...a living disease he dubbed himself
and killed other brothers because that
was what "die-seases" do...kill

Novacaine expressions painted his
face numbed him to reality / de
sin setizing him to death / exhaling
bullets that were marauders
stealing lives / and leaving the CONtraband
on the CONcrete...

His fingers to touch another day
were smashed by the gavel
and he swallowed life imprisonment
as if it were dessert
he knew no longer would
he be homeless and hungry
he's got "3 hots and a cot"
and no mirror.....
the seeing cannot see
what the mind will not draw
on the canvas of self...

but he has 3 hots and cot
the most home he's had
since the womb...

(c)2001 blakverb

portrayal of too many of our brothas ~ our people

....real, down to the last sad truth about the comforts of the only home they've known... this reminds me of a facility I once taught in. I watched them come and go, and return, only to graduate to the pen for life.

You keep coming widit Blak! Scribe, my brotha!



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