2nd April column - SARS

Gary C. Booker

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Apr 27, 2003
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April 23, 2003

I have read several arguments on the cases of Biological warfare from those presented by the Pentagon, to conspiracy theorists, to right-wing political figures, to religious fanatics, on to those who I cannot describe with any other word but weird. Honestly, I’ll be the first to admit that I need to conduct more research, but my fears of bio-terrorism have nothing to do with Al-Queda. I’m worried about a domestic source of bio-terrorism more than anything.

What I am speaking on now is the Severe Acute Resperatory Syndrome (SARS) disease. Whilst it would be unwise for me to say anything concrete about the SARS virus in which the public still knows little about, I am not going to dismiss the possibility of any of the Neo-imperialist governments using SARS as a way of weakening the populations of Asia. The political reasons are there.

1. Population control weakens a country’s ability to produce a strong military. American unilateral militarism is on the rise and it’s effectiveness in striking fear in world policy is the absence of another superpower. If another nation becomes a superpower with the ability to offer the United States competition, then a cold war like crisis could arise again. The number one potential country in Asia to become the next superpower is guess what country who’s economy is booming? That’s right… THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA. And who has been affected by SARS the most, so far?

2. Several insurrections breaking out at once could hurt American corporations in foreign countries who are exploiting the human rights people to produce cheap products. The mainstream mass media is quick to tell about Indonesian anti-American sentiment but tells little to nothing about the corporate terrorism from American corporations to contribute to it. Several corporations, including Nike, have sweatshops in Asian countries like Indonesia. Their economy is too damaged to provide the healthcare needed to thwart an epidemic like SARS and aid from the US is the perfect form of keeping Southeast Asian governments subordinate to US foreign policy (which is the only disease that is spreading throughout the world faster than AIDS and SARS and is misunderstood by Americans more than both).
If the SARS Virus hits the Caribbean, then they will have both AIDS and SARS to deal with in an extremely downtrodden economy. Cuba and Haiti’s economies have been made even worse from US sanctions. If Cuba is hit with SARS as it has been hit with AIDS, it will put even more pressure on the government of Fidel Castro to solve a problem in which it is without resource to solve, which is what the US government wants.

Scientific data about the SARS disease remains nebulous. Right now, the Center for Disease Control believes that the Corona Virus is the cause of SARS. Considering the political climate within the world created by the US’s so called war on terrorism, it did not take long for the speculations of whether or not the virus is man made to arise. This is where I have to show reservation. It is too early to put a concrete theory on exactly how this virus originated, but I will say this… BETTER SAFE, THAN SORRY Do not forget that this virus could very well be engineered not by Al-Queda, but right here in your own backyard by the governments you have been raised to trust. It’s happened before. It is confirmed by the academics that the former South Africa APARTHEID experimented heavily with bio-warfare agents used to control the Bantu population. The US government and several European governments had connections with APARTHEID for a very long time until international human rights organizations began to embarrass them. By the way, the so-called Post APARTHEID government acquitted Dr. Wouter Basson, head of Apartheid’s “Operation Coast” bio-warfare program of all that he was responsible for that contributed to the death of several Africans and still roams a free man.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
yes ever so true i have watched it this SARS

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