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The Age of Aquarius
Sep 27, 2005
The word kyōn is Greek for the word "dog" --an English term-- which means ‘a people with an impure mind‘. This word also carries the same connotation as heathen/gentile/pagan. Thorough research will lead to the word :”Javan” whose origin is Greece or European--from which the heathen, pagans and gentiles came forth. -- conc.cfm?ss=dog&searchtype=beg

Mammal of Canine Family
Dogs today come in all shapes and sizes, but scientists believe they evolved from just a handful of wolves tamed by humans living in or near China less than 15,000 years ago. 69.stm

The nature of canines

1. Carnivorous - meat eaters
2. Territory Markers - possess everything
3. Unleashed - pee/crap on everything
4. Bite - pass on rabies and think nothing of it;

have no consciousness...!

When paired with the other two words (heathen and gentile) the nature of canine sounds quite similar metaphorically and biologically to Europeans.

Why do blacks call themselves dogs when they are neither heathens, pagans, nor gentiles?

Source: Dr. Ray Hagins

When you know a thing as fact you don't have to believe!
[QUOTEFine1952]Why do blacks call themselves dogs when they are neither heathens, pagans, nor gentiles? [/QUOTE]

First let M.E. say...I always thoroughly enjoyed your posts! Always informative...short, sweet and to the point...and...always on point!

When I got to the question I thought, ummmm "cause they have been programmed to BE europeans".

In addiction terms, we call it: "dependency/co-dependency"

Often times, the co-dependent person appears "sicker" than the addict.



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