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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
29 times I've been here before
...the impass at the edge of the
river's corridor

29 lives instead of a feline's 9

29 promises broken at the

29 divided by 2, didn't mathematically
equal ME and You

29 ways I said, "I Love"...
but all the while I intentionally
stopped short of the U

29 - 9= 20 letters in your birth
name...which I wrote 29 times
to cover up my pain

Separating 29 points on this continuum

...for sympathetic nervous system #29

29 seconds between the last moments spent
when I thought of you and I

29 was the distance in miles that I cried

29 rhythmless beats as my
heart skipped rope in vain

29 foreign languages I spoke when I cursed
your name

29 occasions when I knew you lied

29 was the number designed to cooperate
with 32;
...but you acted as though you were unfamiliar
with what "you, I, we, us" was pertaining to...

29 kisses from me to you

29 scribes I wrote were meant for us two

29 perchances I had given

29 multiple choices were made

29 memories were kept in my mid-brain

29 pardons for mistakes that you've made

29 jagged edges; you've cut out my heart

29 love songs you stole from my chest

29 x's empty is how you left me

29 ironies when you said you cared about me

29 drownings in your open sea

29 laughs we've shared ~ hysterically

29 times the patience I would have
given you if I'd have known you'd be fair

29 executions I've undergone waiting
for your reciprocity

29 conclusions that included you

29 years of my life I spent readying myself,
preparing to meet you and ...
I've synchronically organized these linguistics
to fit the 'let down of the century'
when you decided to say you weren't quite
ready to love me

So how now do I compensate for what is
considered a waste of that which is
essential --- TIME ---

All of this hurt I felt simultaneously at the age of 29...



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