Black Education / Schools : 27 Reasons why we must keep OUR Black neighborhood public schools open

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    New York City’s public school system, with its chronic and widespread low performance, is more than enough to shave a few years off a black parent’s life. But some schools are significantly better than others — if not excellent — and not all of them are dominated by wealthy whites.
    When the city last graded all public schools — for the 2009-2010 school year — more than two dozen majority black schools came out on top. Twenty-seven majority black New York City public schools earned an overall “A” and nothing less than a “B” on all measures. Seven of those schools earned a quadruple-A, i.e. an “A” on every measure.
    Moreover, nearly all the high-performing schools are really poor and overwhelmingly black. Seventy-nine percent of students at the median school received free or reduced price lunch. Eighty-five percent of students at the median school were black.
    NYC’s Best Majority Black Schools | Dominion of New York