Black Positive People : 25 African-American innovators, ages 16 to 22. Young Futurists

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May 6, 2013
25 African-American innovators, ages 16 to 22. Young Futurists are working in their own unique ways to make our world a better place in the fields of green innovation, science and technology, arts and culture, social activism and business enterprise.

Many of them meld their concern for their communities or the world at large with their own academic or professional interests -- whether it's Ariel Harden, a science major from Spelman College who was inspired, after seeing her mom struggle with cancer, to find a way to make treatments less harrowing. Or Brandon Turner, a 2012 Rhodes scholar who wants to use his research to stamp out diseases that disproportionately affect disadvantaged communities. Through her jewelry company, Shomari Patterson donates jewelry-making kits to a shelter for women rescued from the sex trade.,AAAAAFBrTcE~,GdyWbIWB0IT9-pv5va4atuNBJtz9YgRT&bctid=1426371830001

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