Black People : 2018 the hottest ever recorded on record until next year!


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Dec 18, 2014
Yes, I nilevalley has returned preaching once again about climate change. Because unlike Donald Trump I am rapidly realizing something dreadful is happening to our planet's weather. I have wandered into the growing group of people who also realize we are not being told the truth about the rapid pace our planet is warming. And when you read stories people work various weather services leaking out info that they are being told not to talk about the seriousness climate change, Well it's makes you wonder even more.

Wasn't it just a few ago the extreme weather events breaking out around the globe weren't really suppose to start happening until the middle or near the end of the 21st century?

Wasn't it in 2016 in India they experienced a heat wave so intense it was called unprecedented? The tarmac on the roads melted. I remember seeing photos of people struggling to cross roads with melted tar.

I also remember reading later that year 2016 was the warmest globally ever recorded.

It seems since 2013 this record global warmth is rising and each year including this year of 2018 the earth's warm temperature is breaking another all time record.

Have ever thought at the rate we are going what it will be like in another 10 or 15 years?

Those of you who may criticize my seemingly preoccupation with this subject and wondering why I as a black person be concerned, well I have to be concerned because sooner or later I will have to pay a full price for living on this world at a time in human history when white men's past insatiable greed through industrialism blinded them to future consequences of not taking strides to protect the earth's environment from badly damaged poisonous toxins pouring into the upper atmosphere,

We are not hearing in the mainstream news about how foreign farmlands are burning up because of excessive heat and droughts. So you say that's over there in those countries but what will we do someday when these unprecedented record breaking heat waves and droughts hit the farm lands of California, Nebraska, Texas, Missouri etc and our food sources burn up.

It is something think about. And we should sit down and work out survival plans for ourselves and families. We should think about our neighbors and friends and how when those future days of trouble arrives we can pool together and help each other out.

Man has for the past 200 years abused Mother Odudua now she grown weary and she is fighting back through her nature.

Those of you who find this info meaningless because it has no relevance to "The Black revolution" don't worry the white man has stirred up one angry Goddess and she has started her own revolution. But unfortunately it won't be just the white man who will get it in the end we all are going into the abyss.


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Jun 14, 2018
I'm inclined to take the longer view because there ain't no go'n back now.
If any of the human species can survive the coming apocalypse it will be our peoples. Our ancestors many millennia ago spawned the human race, under their tutelage all art, all industry, all agriculture, all creative thought, in short all that the human being has become. Look around our ancient ancestors started it all.

If anyone survives it will be our people.
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