Black Sports : 2008 NBA Playoff Showtime


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
The WEST is stacked and will run some tight series
Byron scott have NEW ORLEANS on top and one of the best records in the
west with 56 wins along side the LAKERS 56 wins

San Antonio / Houston / Phoenix / Utah / Dallas all with 50 plus wins and
Denver 49 it will be up for grabs in the west the Spurs will be in the runnings
with the Lakers New Orleans might get shocked in the second round who knows

EAST is more laid back and not as strong and Detroit pistons likely is picked
but Boston knockin and claiming the prize beware of Orlando Magic
Boston hold home court with there best Record in the NBA 65 wins respectful
and out for a title shot it KG turn ? .......Can Paul , Ray & Garnett be the
3 the hard way and capture a crown ???
will King James display another playoff show and turn some teams away??
will Philly continue there run and be a force ???

The answers unknown this year is up for grabs .
:bball: :bball: :bball: :bball: :bball: :bball: :bball: :bball: :bball:
I'm picking the dark horse....Washington Wizards!!! Lol thats my team and in order for them to win the championship a series of unfortunate events will have to go down. With the west being so strong, every team is gonna have to fight hard every game, every round, so by the time they get to the final round they'll all beat up (hopefully). On the east -Atlanta Hawks will a pull a last years Golden State Warriors on the Celtics. And The wizards will make there way past every one else, no problem cause we've got enough secret weapons only thing we have to do is step up are defense a lot:em3600:
2008 PLAYOFFS...

i too am a wizards fan,but i'm a realist first,the wiz won't get past the labrons,why?well two reasons basically they don't defend the three[can anyone say-damon jones]and they love to trash talk[i've never seen a team that has done nothing talk so much]they'll lose in five,now as for the real contenders...detroit over boston in the east finals..san antoinio over the the finals-san antoine over detroit in seven.
now you talking about two teams who been there and know how to win big games
i gotta ride with Boston who will defeat the Pistons , the Spurs will be a task but
if the Suns click right they can overtake them Shaq gotta stay out of foul trouble
The Lakers will dance there way back on top and to the Finals only to meet
Boston what can change this all is the Hornets beware they might be the back
breakers to the Spurs and Lakers , Wizards will drop there series coming up a game
short ......they will be a maybe next year team , on the EAST the Magic might be the
dark horse that will break the backs of James & the Cavs.

Beware of these two .....MAGIC on the EAST and HORNETS in the WEST


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