Black Money Business Jobs : 2007 Summer Internships --- Available in Fall


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May 15, 2006
Many College Students ask the questions: When do I start applying for Summer Internship positions? Many companies/corporations througout the United States start in September and the process ends by either November or December. There are many opportunites be it Information Systems, Web, Business or etc. I have a section on my blog at:, entitled Internships. In the section is various links on companies/corporations that have internship programs. Some of the internships are being accepted now and others start in September.

Many companies/corporations are using internships to lead to a permanent job positions. Some of the advantages of Internship is that you get real projects and it provides you experience or on-the-job training.

Just a reminder that although it says 2007 and it is now 2006, many of the internships will be completed by December and if a student starts looking in January the major ones will be closed.

As always share this posting with others in order for them to prosper.

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