Black Entertainment : 2007 Black Heritage Festival/Soul-Patrol Convention in Philadelphia

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    2007 Black Heritage Festival/Soul-Patrol Convention in Philadelphia

    May 25th - May 27:
    If You CARE...Then be THERE



    Black Music Film Festival: Enterprise Center 5/25 6p - 12m (FREE)
    Black Music Awards Ceremony/Concert: Clark Park 5/26, 12n - 5p (FREE)
    Black Music Cabaret: Enterprise Center 5/26, 9p - 2a ($50)
    Black Music/Culture Town Hall Panel Discussions: Clark Park 5/27, 12n - 5p


    Angel Rissoff + The Soul Searchers
    Billy Griffin
    Carlton J. Smith
    Charles Wright
    Chip Shelton
    Cliff Perkins/Soul Generation
    Gerri Allen
    Ginetta's Vendetta
    Jason Miles
    Jimmy Castor
    Lady's of Skyy
    Mandrill Family
    Martha Redbone
    Melba Moore
    Micheal Henderson
    Onaje Allan Gumbs
    Poetic Notion Chorus
    Ray, Goodman & Brown
    Rich Kiddz
    Square Egg
    Ted Mills (Blue Magic)
    Traciana Graves
    Wendell B.
    Will Hart formerly of Delfonics

    TOWN HALL SCHEDULE: Sunday – 5/27 @ Clark Park (12 noon – 6p)

    12n Internet From The Ancient to the Future How is the internet changing Black Culture?

    Who should be involved? What are the barriers to entry? How can new businesses be created and sustained online? What are some of the existing models? What are some of the models for the future? Is Black ownership critical? etc...

    • Moderator: Thomas Dorsey - Publisher
    • Stephan Broadus - New Pittsburgh Courier
    • Mike Davis - Industries
    • Leland Hardy -Founder
    • Doreen Wade - New England Informer

    1pm Jazz Roundtable

    Is jazz for whites only? Is "smooth jazz" destroying Black Culture? Is jazz in a crisis? Why is jazz off the radar of young people? etc....

    • Moderator: Thurman Watts - Broadcaster/Journalist
    • Geri Allen - Artist/Activist
    • Kayte Connelly Formerly Berks Jazz Fest Exec Director
    • Kenny Mead - Jazz Producer
    • T.S. Monk - Artist/Activist
    • Onaje Allan Gumbs - Artist/Activist

    2pm Plantation /Knee-Grow Radio Stations

    Where did all of the good music go? Is anyone still listening? Why should we care? In what ways do these stations do damage to Black Culture? What are the alternatives? etc...

    • Moderator: Tony Ryan - WBAI/WBLS
    • Kirby Carmichael - Legendary Broadcaster/Photo Journalist
    • Craig Chapman - Internet Radio Owner
    • Thurman Watts – Broadcaster/Journalist
    • Al Goodman – Artist/Activist

    3pm Independent Artists Forum

    Why are there so many independent artists these days? How can we find their music? How do they find an audience? What's Underground Soul"? How are Independent artists promoted? How does an independent artist sustain a music career? etc...

    • Moderator: Kevin Harewood - Author/Consultant
    • Darrell King - Sound of Market Records/Music Retailer
    • Randall Grass - Shanachie Records/Indy Record Label
    • Warren Haskins - DEMBI/Dell East, Venue Operator/Music Business Educator

    4pm Black Music Cultural/Social Impact

    How do we insure the future of this great culture? Do some of the answers lie in the past? Or has it's time simply come and gone? etc

    • Moderator: Darrell McNeil - Black Rock Coalition
    • Patricia Wilson Aden - Executive Director R&B Foundation
    • Mark Anthony Neal - Author/Educator/Activist
    • Dr. Ricardo Wilson - Black Music Legend/Activist
    • Jimmy Castor - Black Music Legend/Activist
    • Charles Wright - Black Music Legend/Activist

    5pm Do We Need Hip Hop To Die a Quick & Painful Death, in Order For Black America To Stop Moving Backwards?

    On the surface this topic seems to be crazy. Especially to anyone who is below the age of thirty, who probably can't imagine a world without hip hop? However it just might be the most important music related topic we have to discuss, right now in 2007.

    • Moderator: Bob Davis –
    • Mark Anthony Neal - Author/Educator
    • Earl Gregory - Artist/Activist
    • Lawrence Perry - Artist/Activist
    • Selah Eric Spruiell - Artist/Activist
    • The One Sun Lion Ra - Artist/Activist

    See More About Soul Patrol and the Black Heritage Festival
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    In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
    WOW... What an event to Miss....:cry: :cry: :cry: All dat! dang ...guess this :happens: true huh!...cause that's some ish that i'm not in philly for this...I miss Clark Park...:cry::cry::cry:...