Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Serena Williams #7 seed vs #1 Lindsay Davenport
Serena goes down in the first set to side & back pains
but bounce back catching fire in the second set to beat
Lindsay 2-6)(6-3)(6-0) to win her 7th Grand Slam Title

her 2nd Australian open and end a 18 month drout this
made her 14th consecutive match won and 10 - 4 life time
vs Lindsay her 26 WTA tour single Title and a prize of
14,798,661.00 her last win was against her sista beating her

CONGRATULATION sista Serena ! :wb:
to the winning circle of Tennis :jumping: :jumping:
:tennis: :spinstar: :spinstar: :spinstar: :terrific: :congrats: :spinstar: :spinstar: :spinstar: :spinstar:

Serena said she felt she was still on top and #1 and tonight was proof
reclaiming the Crown .


going above and beyond
Dec 15, 2002
Detroit, MI

I'm with you on that. Serena is BACK. And I hope she waxes all of them Belgiums too. :D

She actually had a "rib malfunction." :D One of her ribs got stuck in a funny position which caused a lot of pain for her. But, as she played on, this corrected itself. She had heart and patience...she's thinking through the game now. It's great to see her overcome the odds to triumph over other players who are not as good as she.

The announcers were saying that she and Venus' games were deteriorating. I don't see it. And they kept speaking about the Williams sisters as if they were over the hill. smh I'm glad Serena is spanking butt all over the tennis court.

I pray she wins all 4 majors this year.

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